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The Isaac Project by Sarah Monzon

Becky Sawyer’s life unravels in a single day. Not only does she catch her boyfriend, the man she hoped to marry, lip-locked with another woman, she also receives the gut-wrenching news that her grandfather, the man who raised her, is dying. His last wish? To see her happily married. Heartbroken, Becky seeks inspiration in the pages of the Holy Scriptures. And finds it in the story of Isaac and Rebekah.

If love couldn't keep his parents together, Luke Masterson wonders what will make a marriage last. He decides to steer clear of all women—especially crazy ones like Becky Sawyer, who employs a friend to find her a husband. But when he feels the dogged promptings of the Holy Spirit to move across the country and marry a complete stranger, it seems love has little to do with it anyway.

With commitment their only foundation, and love constantly thwarted, can an arranged marriage find happiness in the twenty-first century?

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Sarah Monzon is a pastor's wife and a stay at home mom of two small children. She has a bachelor's degree in elementary education from Southern Adventist University. Sarah is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW). The Isaac Project is her debut novel.

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 I have really enjoyed this book. When I first opened it I had no idea what to expect.
Being told by 2 different people kind of confused me at first. But, as I kept reading I thought to myself, how interesting for a story to be told by a guy. Most of us women never know just how most men feel. Most men never tell us how they feel about certain things or what they want in a soul mate. Some women are the same way. Becky in the beginning is a very independent, strong willed person who thinks she can do it all on her own.
Becky loves horses just like I do. I was delighted to find this story involved horses.
I imagined Poppy looking like most grandfathers do. I liked Poppy from the start.  His personality was infectious. It seemed he understood and felt things before Becky could come and talk with him over certain things. I guess it's because he has lived a long life and raised Becky on his own. I believe that's why Becky loved him and could always count on him comforting her and as someone she could talk to after a stressful day.
I was also delighted to find that the author included God in the story. God is our Heavenly Father and our creator. If we just turn to God how much easier our lives would be! One of my favorite songs is Have Thine Own Way Lord Have Thine Own Way.  Most often not we tend to take things in our own hands not considering God's plans for us at all because we're in a hurry.
 I am happy knowing that Becky takes time out of her everyday life to talk to God even if it's inside of a horse barn. God can see and hear us no matter where we are.
I felt like God had me read this book to remind me that he is always there watching over us and that if something is meant to be then He will make it happen in His time not ours. I have made new friends through this story and I am sad to see them go.
I snickered through most of this book and I know at times my mouth must've dropped open on some things.
God shows us that it takes two to make things work the way they're supposed to if we just take time out of our busy day and ask Him for help
I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from Singing Librarians. Thank you for the opportunity to read and review.
I gave this book 5 stars

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Friday, January 8, 2016

Huckleberry Hearts

I loved this book! Jennifer Beckstrand is an awesome author. I love love all of her books and couldn't wait to read this one!  The cover on the book is gorgeous!
Anna and Felty are at it again! They are trying to play matchmaker to  Cassie and Zach; unbeknownst to them that they've already met when they were in college!
Even though Zach has changed he had a long way to go to prove himself to Cassie and her family. Especially Norman! Norman is something else altogether! What a bully!
It's amazing how Anna knows what Cassie needs before Cassie does herself! It's no wonder Cassie left the Amish.!
I did laugh when Zach wore his pink shirt to church and to the hog butchering time. I also laughed when it turned out that Cassie and Zach wound up having the same car! How ironic is that?!
I thought Cassie's mamm was very domineering on a whole lot of things especially when Cassie couldn't dress the way she wanted! No wonder Norman is a bully! He's just like his mamm! Yea to Dr. Reynolds's when he won a wrestling match. To me, that just like children that are fighting over a toy only this was a girl. Men! They never grow up!
I'm glad that Dr. Reynolds came into Cassie's life when he did. I'm also very glad that he grew up from his "college" days. I could tell that he and Cassie were meant for each other just as Anna and Felty could tell.
I wish Dr. Reynolds was my dr! He's got great bedside manners. Not all dr's do! I'm very happy that Cassie eventually changed her mind about him!( God works in mysterious ways and sometimes not to our liking!) It's in His time, not ours. It can be very disappointing for some ppl. And there's another of my favorites Good things come to those who wait.
Thank you Jennifer Beckstrand for another wonderful tale about Anna and Felty trying to play matchmaker. I hope your stories about them continue. I'm also looking forward to your new series. The covers are just beautiful!
This book was given to me by Netgalley and a paperback was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review.
I give this book 5 stars!

Jennifer BeckstrandBiography
Twitter: @JenniferBeckst1

Jennifer Beckstrand is the bestselling Amish romance author of The Matchmakers of Huckleberry Hill series for Kensington Books. Huckleberry Summer has been nominated for the 2015 RWA RITA Award and the RT Book Reviews Reviewer's Choice Award, and Huckleberry Hill won the 2014 LIME Award for Inspirational fiction. Both Huckleberry Hill and Huckleberry Christmas appeared in list of top ten inspirational books for 2014. 

Jennifer has always been drawn to the strong faith and the enduring family ties of the Plain people and loves writing about the antics of Anna and Felty Helmuth. Jennifer has a degree in mathematics and a background in editing. She and her husband have been married for thirty years, and she has four daughters, two sons, and four adorable grandchildren, whom she spoils rotten.

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