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As war approaches in 1939 Abby Stapleton’s safety is under threat. Her father, a British diplomat, insists she go back to America until the danger passes. Abby vows to return to her home in London—but where is home? With her family facing mortal danger so far away and feeling herself isolated, she finds it hard to pray or read the Bible. Did she leave God behind in war-torn London too? Abby becomes friendly with Jim, a gardener on her uncle’s estate.Jim can’t get Abby out of his mind. Did she have a sweetheart in England? Was it foolish to think she’d consider him? He curses his poverty and the disgrace of his father’s desertion and drunkenness haunts him. Can he learn to believe in love for alifetime and to hope for a happy marriage?Abby couldn’t know the war would last a long time, nor that she would fall in love withJim—soon to be drafted by the U.S. Army—or that she’d have to confront Henri, a rejected suitor, determined by his lies to ruin her reputation and destroy her faith in God’s providence. Will she discover the true meaning of home and find happiness with Jim? 


I really enjoyed this book. I truly love helping out new authors with their debut novels.
This one is no exception! 
Pat has done her research well and was able to make me travel back in time to World War 1. She was able to make me hear the sounds of the war and sometimes those sounds were able to make the hairs stand up on the back of my neck.
I love Jim and Abby!! I laughed at Abby at the way she did things sometimes because I'm the same way!! 

The Way of Glory by Patricia J. Boomsa


The Way of Glory by Patricia J. Boomsma

Publication Date: November 14, 2018
Edeleboom Books
eBook & Paperback; 390 Pages
Genre: Historical Fiction


Cate, a teenage girl from twelfth century England, joins her brothers and aunt on a crusade to save Jerusalem that stops in Hispania to battle the Moors. Life on a battlefield strains the family’s closeness as they confront the terror and contradictions of holy war. Cate’s dreams of sainthood change to those of a husband and children when she falls in love with a soldier, but she finds no peace even after the family settles on land taken from the Moors. Cate’s friendship with a conquered Moor soon leads to impossible choices as she faces the cost of betrayal and the loss of all she’s known.

Praise for The Way of Glory

"One of the many impressive things about The Way of Glory is how lightly it wears its scrupulous research. This fine novel invites you to lose yourself to the compelling character and tumultuous life of a young woman trying to find God and love at the heart of a crusade rooted in greed and hate. This is a remarkable debut by a writer to watch." -Naeem Murr, author of The Perfect Man "The Way of Glory convincingly portrays a place, a time, and a people vastly different from our own. Historical fiction is a fantastically difficult genre to get right, but Pat Boomsma manages it with aplomb." -Pinckney Benedict, author of Dogs of God "The Way of Glory is a riveting read from first page to last, as it expertly traces the trajectories of several compelling characters caught up in the Crusades. As the protagonist, Cate will steal your heart; she's as complex a fourteen-year-old as you will ever meet, and the fate she struggles against is a complicated and often frightening vortex of forces, made ever richer by the intense evocation and very thoughtful depictions. This is a remarkable novel." -Fred Leebron, author of Welcome to Christiania

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This was an ok read. The historical part was really good!! The author made me feel like I was inside the chapel looking up at the ceilings. I could hear the crowds milling about and I could actually see young Cate and her brother Willard.

Cate is a very strong and courageous young woman. I was rooting for her and Aunt Mary through the whole story.

I was like Cate headstrong in her ways and rushing into things instead of listening to others. Sometimes it got her into trouble and I'm glad she finally learned the hard way.

Some of the male names I had a hard time pronouncing. But I still enjoyed the storyline.

I liked getting out of my comfort zone. 

I gave this 4 stars because I felt some of the scenes were drug out too long while others were just wonderful.
I received this book from the publisher with no compensations received. All opinions opinions are my own

About the Author

I grew up in a far southwestern suburb of Chicago among the trees and sloughs of the Cook County Park District, then attended college in Michigan. After graduating, I dreamed of an academic life teaching English literature and began a Ph.D. program at Purdue University. There I concentrated on medieval studies, receiving a Master's and continuing on for four more years before realizing that no one I knew was finding a permanent, let alone tenure-track, position. So, instead of writing my dissertation I went to law school. I moved to Arizona to escape the brutal midwestern winters and have been practicing law there for over thirty years. My first novel, The Way of Glory, is, in part, an extension of my love for all things medieval.

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As war approaches in 1939 Abby Stapleton’s safety is under threat. Her father, a British diplomat, insists she go back to America until the danger passes. Abby vows to return to her home in London—but where is home? With her family facing mortal danger so far away and feeling herself isolated, she finds it hard to pray or read the Bible. Did she leave God behind in war-torn London too? Abby becomes friendly with Jim, a gardener on her uncle’s estate.Jim can’t get Abby out of his mind. Did she have a sweetheart in England? Was it foolish to think she’d consider him? He curses his poverty and the disgrace of his father’s desertion and drunkenness haunts him. Can he learn to believe in love for alifetime and to hope for a happy marriage?Abby couldn’t know the war would last a long time, nor that she would fall in love withJim—soon to be drafted by the U.S. Army—or that she’d have to confront Henri, a rejected suitor, determined by his lies to ruin her reputation and destroy her faith in God’s providence. Will she discover the true meaning of home and find happiness with Jim? 


I enjoyed this book. But then again I enjoy any historical book where I can learn new things about our past that I never knew about. I love how the author can make the past come alive for us readers.
Pat has done a remarkable job in doing her research and is a wonderful storyteller! 
Jim and Abby are proof of that.
I love how Abby does things sometimes because she's just like me in that regard. I love her too for being a red head. After all, us redheads have to stick together!! 
Jim is ok too. I think I like him. He's handsome and perfect for Abby.
I love to read debut books and helping out new authors. I look forward to reading what the book has to offer. I especially like books about history. We're never too old to learn something new!! 
I just love the cover of this book!! It never ceases to amaze me how they can come up with some awesome covers!! 
Love is a strange thing. It can sneak up on you or sometimes if you're meant to be together it has a way of working out whether our folks want it to or not. Love can happen anywhere even in the midst of a war!  
Abby's aunt is ok. I almost feel kind of sorry for her but in a way I still like her. She's a good supporting character. I think in a way I'll always remember. I think it's because of her tough love for Abby and taking care of Abby even tho she didn't really want to. Abby's aunt is just like me in ways too!! I can always tell when something is out of place lol!! Especially one of my books!! 
Uncle Willard is special. He understand Abby. I think I would want him to be my uncle for sure!! I can see him smile and hear him laugh even now. 
Y'all there's a special surprise at the end of this book but I won't tell you what it is because I want you to pick it up and read it. 

I will reread this book again because I love the events that surround it. I received a copy of this book with no compensations received and all opinions are my own!! 


Pat Jeanne DavisPat writes from her home in Philadelphia, Pa. She enjoys gardening, genealogy research and travelling with her husband. Her work appeared in Guideposts, The Lookout, Bible Advocate, Faith & Family, GRIT Magazine, Ruby For Women Magazine, A Woman Saved Online Magazine, Sasee Magazine, Woman Alive and Chicken Soup for the Soul books.
Pat writes historical inspirational novels and is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Historical Novel Society. Her debut historical romance novel “When Valleys Bloom Again” released in February 2019 with Elk Lake Publishing. This story is set in America, England, and France during the dark days of World War II. She loves to hear from her readers. 
Please visit her at While there sign up for her newsletter with updates and contests. 

Far Side of the Sea by Katie Breslin



In spring 1918, Lieutenant Colin Mabry, a British soldier working with MI8 after suffering injuries on the front, receives a message by carrier pigeon. It is from Jewel Reyer, the woman he once loved and who saved his life--a woman he believed to be dead. Traveling to France to answer her urgent summons, he desperately hopes this mission will ease his guilt and restore the courage he lost on the battlefield.

Colin is stunned, however, to discover the message came from Jewel's half sister, Johanna. Johanna, who works at a dovecote for French Army Intelligence, found Jewel's diary and believes her sister is alive in the custody of a German agent. With spies everywhere, Colin is skeptical of Johanna, but as they travel across France and Spain, a tentative trust begins to grow between them.

When their pursuit leads them straight into the midst of a treacherous plot, danger and deception turn their search for answers into a battle for their lives 


I thoroughly enjoyed this book.
Katie did not disappoint. I love her writing and the research that goes into making a wonderful story.
I loved the lessons and Spiritual messages that are in this book.
There is also action that will make you reel and that is what I like. 
Pigeons are annoying. I do not like them because if you're under one or if they fly over you they will poop on you. However; from this book I learned differently even though they're still annoying to me. 
I love Colin and Johanna. Even though Colin sort of annoyed me. I'd still like to have him as my protector.
I love how the author shows us that even men can be vulnerable too at times. It just shows that they're human.
Johanna is a woman after my own heart. I love her adventurous side. At least she didn't scream like Spiderman's dumb girlfriend did at everything. Johanna knew what needed to be done and went after it.
I had fun reading this book. I went after a copy from Netgalley since my book hasn't gotten here yet. My nose was hurting me to see what was inside lol. Thank you Netgalley!
I like how God closes one door and opens another even though that may not be what we want. Sometimes what he does is better!! 
And yes, it can hurt but with time who knows what adventures lie ahead!!
I strongly recommend this book.
I received a copy from Netgalley and no compensation were received. All opinions are my own!! 


Kate BreslinFormer bookseller-turned-author Kate Breslin enjoys life in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and family. A writer of travel articles and award-winning poetry, Kate received Christian Retailing's 2015 Best Award for First Time Author and her first novel, For Such A Time, won American Christian Fiction Writers 2015 Carol Award. Kate's third novel, High As The Heavens, released in June, 2017. When she's not writing inspirational fiction, Kate enjoys reading or taking long walks in Washington's beautiful woodlands. She also likes traveling to new places, both within the U.S. and abroad, having toured Greece, Rome, and much of Western Europe. New destinations make for fresh story ideas. Please visit her at

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The White City by Grace Hitchcock



Mysterious Disappearances Taint the Chicago World’s Fair
Step into True Colors -- a new series of Historical Stories of Romance and American Crime

While attending the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893, Winnifred Wylde believes she witnessed a woman being kidnapped. She tries to convince her father, an inspector with the Chicago police, to look into reports of mysterious disappearances around the White City. Inspector Wylde tries to dismiss her claims as exaggeration of an overactive imagination, but he eventually concedes to letting her go undercover as secretary to the man in question—if she takes her pistol for protection and Jude Thorpe, a policeman, for bodyguard.

Will she be able to expose H. H. Holmes’s illicit activity, or will Winnifred become his next victim


I love historical novels that use the Chicago World's fair as a backdrop.
Can you imagine the crowds that visited it daily?! Wow!!
Since I'm assuming that this is her debut novel she has done an amazing job with her research and has excellent characters that are well suited to the story.
Winnifred is a girl after my own heart!! She's in my opinion in the wrong time and place and I admire her for that. She's bold and beautiful which is a definite no no for socialites. S
someone very special loves her for who she is. I love that in a man dont you?
In some ways Jude aggravated me
He aggravated me because he didn't see what was in front of him.
The way I see it, if two people are meant to be together and if it's God's will then other people shouldn't step in the way of God's bigger picture.
I really don't think I could handle being Winifred. I see why she did what she did in some places of the book. She didn't like the Socialites on her class. Way too stuck up for me!!
I love the who done it because it makes for an interesting story and you will want to keep reading until you do find out.
I didn't think I'd like story when I first opened the book but now I"m glad I did!! You won't believe who done the crime!! It will rock your socks!! 
Wow ! I just loved this book!! Well done Grace!! Keep em coming!! 
I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and no compensations were received. All opinions are my own!!


Grace HitchcockGrace Hitchcock is the author of The White City and The Gray Chamber from Barbour Publishing. She has written multiple novellas in The Second Chance Brides, The Southern Belle Brides, and the Thimbles and Threads collections with Barbour Publishing. She holds a Masters in Creative Writing and a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in History. Grace lives in southern Louisiana with her husband, Dakota, and son. Visit Grace online at

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The Long Way Home by June Foster



A kidnapping and vicious murder leave David Maguire and Jada Atwood with few options—remain in the clutches of their abductors or attempt an escape. But the attraction they discover for each other could change their lives. Will they find their way home or die in a Pennsylvania forest?


This title is properly named for it certainly took them a very long time to get home. 
I will be leary about getting into an Uber cab from here on out though.
I loved this fast, paced, hair raising adventure and was even glad that there was Amish people in this fun loving story!!!
David and Jada made me hold my breath to see which way they were headed. I was rooting for them. Especially Jada because she found our Savior. 
I love this verse the author slid in and it's always been obe of my favorites.
Knock and it shall be given, Ask and it shall be received.
I love it because the author reminds us that Grace is freely given. You only need to ask. 
I received this book with no compensations received. All opinions are my own!!

June Foster
I'm a retired teacher turned author and live with my husband in Alabama. I began writing in January 2010 while sailing down the freeway in our RV. I love to place my characters in unlikely situations where escape is questionable, yet freedom is possible through God's power and His Word.

The forgiving jar book 2 by Wanda Brunstetter



Sara Murray had never met her mother’s parents and was surprised to learn after her death that they were Amish living in Pennsylvania. When she is finally able to make the trip to meet them, she is shocked to learn someone else has been living with them and pretending to be Sara. Sara can’t understand how quickly her grandparents are willing to forgive the imposter.
Secrets and deceit seem to follow Sara, and she is so tired of it. Though soon she meets Brad Fuller who is visiting her grandparents for during Christmas. She likes him a lot, but even he seems to pull away from her, not being totally honest.
Struggling, Sara finds an old canning jar hidden in the barn that is full of encouraging prayers. Can Sara find a way to forgive the past and move on to building new relationships?

This is Book 2 in the brand-new series, The Prayer Jars, from New York Times bestselling author Wanda E. Brunstetter.
Book 1 -- The Hope Jar (August 2018)
Book 3 -- The Healing Jar (August 2019)


It never fails to amaze me how talented and wonderful Wanda Brunstetter is!! 
I just love her books and I look forward to her next book because she never disappoints!l
I love how she can make her characters feel like real life people do
I also enjoy her messages she puts throughout the book
For example here is one Therefore of any man be in Christ, he is a new creature; old things have passed away; behold , all things are new."
I think Jesus meant for me to finish this book because this message was meant for me to read because of an incident that happened to me this week. Believe it or not it was at church too!!
Forgiveness is of course the true message here. I believe forgiveness has to truly come from the heart and I feel that if you don't forgive then it will eat at you until you do or at the very least make you miserable. I'm speaking from experience. 
My Dad is a perfect example. It took me a very long time to forgive him because of the things he said and did. I prayed for help and it feels so wonderful to be free of that burden!!
I liked it that Michelle and Sara were able to forgive each other and learn to live in harmony for Sara's grandparents sake. It's strange how things work out isn't it? 
Both have pasts to overcome and I enjoyed reading about how that worked out.
I loved it that Willis and Mary Ruth are back stronger than ever!! I loved getting to know them in the first book. I wish they were my grandparents!! I wish they were my grandparents because of the kindness and love they show to one another and the people around them.
God has truly blessed them!
There is a part in the book where I sniffled and a few years welled in my eyes but I am glad that too worked out!! 
God has a way of working things out if we just pray about it. He may answer or not just not how we'd like him to.
I look forward to her next book with eager anticipation!!
I received this book from the publishers with compensations received. All opinions are my own


New York Times bestselling and award-winning author, Wanda E. Brunstetter is one of the founders of the Amish fiction genre. She has written close to 90 books translated in four languages. With over 10 million copies sold, Wanda's stories consistently earn spots on the nations most prestigious bestseller lists and have received numerous awards.

Wanda’s ancestors were part of the Anabaptist faith, and her novels are based on personal research intended to accurately portray the Amish way of life. Her books are well-read and trusted by many Amish, who credit her for giving readers a deeper understanding of the people and their customs.

When Wanda visits her Amish friends, she finds herself drawn to their peaceful lifestyle, sincerity, and close family ties. Wanda enjoys photography, ventriloquism, gardening, bird-watching, beachcombing, and spending time with her family. She and her husband, Richard, have been blessed with two grown children, six grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

To learn more about Wanda, visit her website at

The Highest of Hopes by Susan Anne Mason



After her beloved grandfather's death, Emmaline Moore is shocked to discover that her "deceased" father is actually living in Canada. Having no other family, Emma decides she must find him, and so embarks on a journey across the ocean, accompanied by her best friend, Jonathan. Unfortunately, Randall Moore and his well-to-do family aren't thrilled by her arrival, fearing her sudden appearance will hinder his chance at becoming mayor of Toronto in 1919. Despite everything, Emma remains determined to earn their affection.

Jonathan Rowe has secretly loved Emma for years and hopes that during their trip he can win her heart. Concerned that Randall might reject her, Jonathan is ready to console Emma and bring her home. When she informs him that she has no intention of returning to England, Jonathan begins to despair. Can he convince Emma to find value within herself rather than seeking it from a virtual stranger? And will she ever come to see that Jonathan is her true home?


All I can say is Wow!! Susana has done an excellent job on this book!!

You can tell what's in her heart from the words that are coming out from these pages.
The Characters Johnathan and Emma want to make you cry because of Jonathan's PTSD and Emma's wanting to be accepted into her father's family for who she really is and not what they want her to be. 
I love it when Johnathan finally tells Emma that there is one Father who does love her and He knows every stitch of hair on her head and what her future holds. He tells her that she's a part of God's big plan.
Johnathan is my hero. I love how he is a wonderful gentleman! I wish that more men were like him. 
Ranadall is something else altogether. He has a weird mixed up family who only care care about each other and what they can get from other people. Unfortunately, there are many people in real life that are like that in this ok world
Emma is truly a sweetheart but she reminds me of my mother in law. Once she gets her mind set on something she doesn't let go of it. She's bound and determined to see things through. I think that what I love about Emma. She's also kind, caring and a desperate soul who wants fit in with her new family.
Here's one of my favorite in the story: Like the good reverend said " Love is a gift to be freely given, whether it was deserved or not, and without expectations of anything in return. Its always good to have ppl like the good reverend and many other believers to remind us of this. "
I also love the old saying home is where the heart is and so is the people in it. 
I've had my heart broken many times by my adopted father's family because their blood doesn't run in my veins and too often my father reminded me of it until the day he died. I finally forgave him because I know one day God will take care of it. Some family members don't even talk to me to this day which is ok. I'm so glad that we're able to choose our friends. They are the ones who stand by you until the end.
But I want to remind you that that there is one best friend I witnessed denounce and that friends is Jesus Christ. Thank God I have Him. His love is always and forever. 
P.s. You can run from your past but you can't hide because it always comes back to haunt you no matter what you're doing at the time. 
I strongly recommend this book
I also suggest having some tissues nearby because you'll need them!!
I received a copy of this book from Netgalley and the publishers. No compensations were received and all opinions are my own!


Susan Anne MasonSusan lives in a suburb near Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where she works part-time as a church secretary. She is a wife and the mother of two amazing kids, and is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers (ACFW) and Romance Writers of America (RWA). In addition to writing, she likes to scrapbook and to research her family history on-line. You can connect with her on Facebook or on her website

The Songs that could have been by Amanda Wen

ABOUT THE BOOK Two couples in love. Two sets of impossible circumstances. One powerful God of grace. After a tailspin in her late teens, Lau...