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As war approaches in 1939 Abby Stapleton’s safety is under threat. Her father, a British diplomat, insists she go back to America until the danger passes. Abby vows to return to her home in London—but where is home? With her family facing mortal danger so far away and feeling herself isolated, she finds it hard to pray or read the Bible. Did she leave God behind in war-torn London too? Abby becomes friendly with Jim, a gardener on her uncle’s estate.Jim can’t get Abby out of his mind. Did she have a sweetheart in England? Was it foolish to think she’d consider him? He curses his poverty and the disgrace of his father’s desertion and drunkenness haunts him. Can he learn to believe in love for alifetime and to hope for a happy marriage?Abby couldn’t know the war would last a long time, nor that she would fall in love withJim—soon to be drafted by the U.S. Army—or that she’d have to confront Henri, a rejected suitor, determined by his lies to ruin her reputation and destroy her faith in God’s providence. Will she discover the true meaning of home and find happiness with Jim? 


I enjoyed this book. But then again I enjoy any historical book where I can learn new things about our past that I never knew about. I love how the author can make the past come alive for us readers.
Pat has done a remarkable job in doing her research and is a wonderful storyteller! 
Jim and Abby are proof of that.
I love how Abby does things sometimes because she's just like me in that regard. I love her too for being a red head. After all, us redheads have to stick together!! 
Jim is ok too. I think I like him. He's handsome and perfect for Abby.
I love to read debut books and helping out new authors. I look forward to reading what the book has to offer. I especially like books about history. We're never too old to learn something new!! 
I just love the cover of this book!! It never ceases to amaze me how they can come up with some awesome covers!! 
Love is a strange thing. It can sneak up on you or sometimes if you're meant to be together it has a way of working out whether our folks want it to or not. Love can happen anywhere even in the midst of a war!  
Abby's aunt is ok. I almost feel kind of sorry for her but in a way I still like her. She's a good supporting character. I think in a way I'll always remember. I think it's because of her tough love for Abby and taking care of Abby even tho she didn't really want to. Abby's aunt is just like me in ways too!! I can always tell when something is out of place lol!! Especially one of my books!! 
Uncle Willard is special. He understand Abby. I think I would want him to be my uncle for sure!! I can see him smile and hear him laugh even now. 
Y'all there's a special surprise at the end of this book but I won't tell you what it is because I want you to pick it up and read it. 

I will reread this book again because I love the events that surround it. I received a copy of this book with no compensations received and all opinions are my own!! 


Pat Jeanne DavisPat writes from her home in Philadelphia, Pa. She enjoys gardening, genealogy research and travelling with her husband. Her work appeared in Guideposts, The Lookout, Bible Advocate, Faith & Family, GRIT Magazine, Ruby For Women Magazine, A Woman Saved Online Magazine, Sasee Magazine, Woman Alive and Chicken Soup for the Soul books.
Pat writes historical inspirational novels and is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Historical Novel Society. Her debut historical romance novel “When Valleys Bloom Again” released in February 2019 with Elk Lake Publishing. This story is set in America, England, and France during the dark days of World War II. She loves to hear from her readers. 
Please visit her at While there sign up for her newsletter with updates and contests. 


  1. Sounds like a good book! I had not heard of this one. Thanks for reviewing it.

  2. Thank you for sharing about the book. I want to read this one. :-)


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