Monday, September 28, 2015

Tonight was supposed to a blood red moon. Wow what a disappointment! !!!!
It was nothing like Google showed or what the scientists say.
I guess I caught a little bit of it because when I took the photo, red was showing up in my photo.
Cell phones just doesn't do well. But hopefully I got enough so that ppl could tell
 At least we got to see the whole eclipse.  God let us see the whole thing because starting out, the sky was very cloudy.
I wish I knew how to upload photos that I took tonight on here. The last Lunar eclipse until 2033. Hopefully my Lord Jesus will have returned take me home by then
 I also wish I knew how to tell you what the four blood moons mean in Bible prophecy.
The Lord said "look to the sun, moon and stars for I will be sending signs for Jesus's return.
The pope's visit here in the US means a few things in bible prophecy as well. He's pushing for Sunday rest and a few other things as well.
Friends, I can only tell you that it's going to be a rou b ride from here on out. I hope that you are right with my Lord Jesus Christ. I know I am are you?
I'm learning a lot of this from my friend. I'm hoping that I can attend a seminar called Revelation at church in the coming months.  I want to understand  much of what is going to happen.
Revelations is interesting to me. I'm not afraid only curious.
Well, goodnight friends!  Have to get up and go to work early in the morning!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Ties That Bind by Cindy Woodsmall

I'm  going  to say Wow!!!! What a story!!! 
Cindy Woodsmall has done it once again!! 
I really enjoyed this story and I felt really connected with the people in the book.
I love reading books that are myterious in a weird sort of way. 
I gave this book 5 stars because Cindy has written a page turner from the beginning of the book.
I felt connected to Ariana from the beginning.  I admire her love for God,family and her ambition most of all. 
Ariana is a special lady. She had a lot of ambition to go out and do what she wanted. She saves her money to open her very own business hoping that it would help her family financially.
Her whole family has helped out when they could
 I admired Quill as well. In a weird sort of way, he rinds me of Harriet Tubman (helping the Amish escape in the middle of the night). Harriet did the same thing with the slaves who wanted to escape slavery.
Quill was the conductor of the Amish underground railroad. He had left the Amish 5 years earlier when things became too much. Along with him left Frieda, who was Arianas best friend at the time. 
The story gets more interesting as we learn that Issac and Lovina realize that they could actually do something that happened 20 years ago when there was a fire in the Amish clinic.  
Another girl was born at the same time as Ariana. I really, really admired Issac and Lovina how their faith and love kept them together through the whole story. Lovina did cry a lot and I cried right along with her because I was wishing that was me. I was wishing that my birth mother would come and find me too. Lovina is a strong woman but still I'd be pretty upset too. 
During all this turmoil, Ariana's older sister wants to leave the Amish because of what happened with her daughter.  Salome feels pressure from her community. But when Salome learns that Ariana may not be who she is Salome decides to stay.  I was so happy for Salome.  I think she made the right decision to stay for now.
Then we meet Skylar.  I feel that she has brought all this on herself. Not all theater ppl do drugs or whatever the case may be. I was upset to learn of this. Skylar is better than that. I want to see her succeed not mess up. 
Skylar meets Quill and learns that she may have an Amish background from birth.
I don't understand why Skylar's dad all of a sudden just decides to show up.  I hated the way he threatenes the midwife into telling what she done that night. In the confusion and chaos I can understand why that happened. 
Ariana accidentally overhears her parents talking and she learns that the babies were switched the night of the fire.  
I can't imagine how I would feel if that were to happen to my child. I also feel sorry for the 2 girls. 
Both will feel displaced for a long time to come. 
I'm anxiously awaiting the 2nd installment of this book. I want to see what happens to the two girls and how they adjust to their new lives.
Way to go Cindy for writing a wonderful novel. 
This book was given to me by Blogging for Books in exchange for an honest review! 
This a must read for anyone who enjoys Amish fiction!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

I've tried to make this picture fancy but alas, it didn't work.
I'm so very excited to have received this book from Roseanna White.
I loved this story! I feel like I have made some more new friends in Brook and Justin.
There is romance and mystery within.
If they were real life ppl I would most definitely want to meet them. I feel like they're the most exciting family there is.
Brook and Justin and Deirdre find themselves in trouble and must overcome their fears and learn to believe in themselves before everything will work out.
When I met Lord Pratt in the story, I had a feeling he was evil!  As the story unfolds I  knew I was right.
I almost felt sorry for him in a way. But trouble has a way of following ppl.
All he wanted was revenge for his father.
In my opinion he went about it the wrong way!
Manipulating ppl doesn't always get your way. I believe if you turn to God, and ask Him.
He may not always answer in the way u want. It may be in His will.
I love fast and exciting novels!
I felt a special connection to Brook as she went under changes from a nobody to a somebody. I can imagine how she felt as met her real family. I would've felt the same way.
I too was raised by a different family. I know I have 2 other sisters out there.
I would have love to met my real mom.
I was also impressed with Brooks faith.  She kept it throughout the story even though sometimes I know she felt that God wasn't there for her. I have often felt that way
It amazed me me how a parent knows that she was his child after not seeing her all those years.
I think that Deirdre would have gotten herself into a little trouble if she hadn't confessed on what she had done.
I don't think it was fair of Pratt to make someone do something they didn't want to do by threatening ones loved ones.
I'm so very glad that he got caught in the end! Nothing is worth to get into trouble for.
Justin is an ok guy. It just proves that he is human to! Guys are taught not to show their feeling because it isn't manly. I feel that is wrong! I applaud men with feelings.
After Justin is left alone by the death of his father and Grandfather he is confused, hurt and angry. I sometimes think he doesn't really know who he is either.
I gave this book a five star because I loved the action and mystery behind the story. I will reread this book again in the near future.  It is a good book one that u couldn't put down.
I don't know if I've mentioned this but Roseanna White is a new favorite author of mine. I love her writing style as it is different from other authors.
Thank you Roseanna for a wonderful read. Please keep the stories coming!  I'm definitely up for the next one!
This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Today I want to write about Laura Franz's new book called The Mistress of Tall Acres.
Laura Franz is a very talented author who has made this wonderful story come alive.
When I started this book I had no idea what to expect. I was hooked at the very beginning, lost in time. Wow! I even felt like I made new friends as I read this story.
What surprised me was there was a little girl who's name was Lilly Cate. My husband had an Aunt Ned Lilly Cate.
I often wonder if Lilly Cate grew up much like this little girl in the story did. Different years of course.
I'm  wondering if this is a rare name?
I was delighted when Seamus and Sophie got married. Even though it was a marriage of convenience.
I think back in the old days a lot of people got married just for that reason.
Laura also made us realize that prayer was important. Families doesn't don't this  anymore.
She also puts in the book that God is in control at all times. For without Him, we are nothing.
This family prayed all the time whether it was meals or hard times or just simply giving Thanks to God no matter what their circumstances were.
I was surprised to find Anne very much alive when she was supposed to be dead!
When She came back she made things very hard for Seamus and Sophie.  Claiming she was the rightful mistress of Tall Acre. She might have been at one time but not anymore.  I feel like she declined that right when she was pretending to be dead.
When they go to court over this I was so happy that Seamus won the battle because of Annes diary.
I was even happier for Sophie when she got to go back home to her rightful place which was beside Seamus.
I was even happier when they a wonderful surprise at the end. Something Lilly Cate has been asking for since they got married.
This is a must read. I love Laura's style of writing.
I say this is a must read because I feel I felt Sophie's emotions concerning Seamus and Lilly Cate.
Thank you Laura Franz for writing another wonderful tale. I actually felt like I was there.

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