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Providence Hannah's Journey



As the sole daughter of the chief priest, Hannah is publicly shamed when the prophet of Israel refuses to heal her. Determined to restore her family’s honor, she escapes Jerusalem in hopes of finding the prophet and convincing him to restore her deformities. Gilead, a young Hebrew guard sympathetic to her plight, willingly accompanies her. On their way, they are captured by a band of raiders and Hannah is forced to serve in the household of the commander of the Aramean army, an officer who is in need of healing himself. Meanwhile, Gilead is being used as sword practice for the Aramean soldiers. Hannah must act fast to save Gilead and herself, but survival will mean coaxing the prophet of Israel to heal an enemy commander.

The story of Hannah is based on the servant girl from the Naaman's story in 2 Kings 5. 


Thank you for continuing stories from the Bible. I sometimes wonder what happens after a certain chapter. Especially when it's one of my faves!!!
I wanted to just reach out and choke Konath Shiram for the pig headness!!!
Men, they think they know everything!! Konath was just awful and I did feel that he got what he deserved. I'm surprised that the Lord didn't strike him down at first!
Poor Hannah!! I felt so sorry for her!! 
I think she's a good woman and no one gave her credit for it and sometimes I feel just Hannah!!
Hannah did learn some lessons on her journey in which I don't think she would've in the beginning because she did think of herself. 
But sometimes this ok. I feel we deserve things as well as everyone else 
Women do have feelings as well as men except we're just more vocal about it.
Gilead is a sweetheart and my hero.
He saw Hannah from the inside out and didnt worry about being cursed. 
Gilead is a pretty special giy in my book. I wish there were mode men like him!
As for curses, I don't really believe in them! It's a figment of one's imagination. Superstition.
I do believe in God and forgiveness even tho its sometimes is hard to do!!!
I enjoyed reading this beautiful book amd I strongly recommend it. 
I received this book for free. All compensations were not received and all opinions are my own.

Barbara M. BrittonABOUT THE AUTHOR

Britton was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, but currently lives in Wisconsin and loves the snow—when it accumulates under three inches. She writes romantic adventures for teens and adults. Barb has a nutrition degree from Baylor University but loves to dip healthy strawberries in chocolate. She is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, Wisconsin Romance Writers of America, Romance Writers of America and American Christian Fiction Writers. You can visit Barb online at www. or follow her on Facebook and twitter.

Annie's Recipe by Lisa Jones Baker



Three young Amish women, each gifted with a hand-carved hope chest, find that one by one, with patience and faith, their most blessed dreams for the future can come true... 

Annie Mast and Levi Miller were best friends until his father was shunned by the church. Now, ten years later, Levi has returned to Arthur, Illinois, for a brief visit, and he and Annie discover their bond is as strong as ever. Spending as much time together as possible, Annie finds herself dreaming of a future with Levi. And Levi is soon dreaming of building a home on a beautiful local hillside--to live in with Annie. Yet their longings are unlikely to become reality... 
Levi is part of the English world, and while Annie cannot see herself there, she knows she must reveal her heart's truth to him. And Levi, strongly reminded of his Amish roots, knows he must heal the bitterness of the past. And together, with love on their side, they just may find their way to an answered prayer...


I have a new author and I for sure love her writing style. 

I like this book because it brings fantasy to a crashing halt forcing reality to come back into focus.
I enjoy reading Amish novels especially if they have certain life messages like this one does.
In this book Annie talks to Levi about how you cant just take the good and not the bad. Life isnt fair but then it wasn't meant to be.
Annie also points out how we are meant to be at a certain place in a certain time.
I like Annie. She's very wise andis a person who wants everyone to be happy including Levi. I like her too because she kind and compassionate about ppl and animals. She's also a smart cookie!!
Levi is a pretty mixed up guy. He knows what he wants but is unsure in how to go after it. 
Levi is a great person to have around!!! It's a I've got ur back if u have mine kind of thing. 
I think along with God's help and Annie's, Levi does eventually figure things out.
I strongly recommend this book. 
I received a complimentary copy from the author and in no way required to review this 


Lisa Jones Baker

Lisa Jones BakEr grew up near a small Amish town in Illinois that she frequented with her family on weekends. She's also a dog lover and a fan of Scottsdale, Arizona, where she spent nearly two decades. Lisa graduated from Illinois State University with a French major, has been on 5 out of 7 continents, and considers her parents the best in the world. Raised in a Christian home, Lisa has always been blessed with love and support.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Beloved Hope Chest by Amy Clipston



In the final installment of the Amish Heirloom series, the Fisher sisters learn the mystery behind their parents’ marriage—and about the sibling who has never been spoken of.

Mattie Fisher has a secret she’s kept from her three daughters. After they discover clues in her hope chest, Mattie realizes it’s time to tell them the truth about why she married their father—and about her life before then. None of them realized that their father is actually Mattie's second husband or that her first husband was killed in an accident while she was pregnant. Nor do they realize the rocky road that Mattie and Leroy traveled as she worked through her grief and learned to love again. But like the best things preserved in a hope chest, it's a story of love and redemption born out of heartache—and it's past time to share it.


What a stunning conclusion to this series!!
Oh my!!! My breath has just been absolutely taken away!!!
Amy has done a fabulous job on this novel. 
i loved this series from the beginning and yes I would advise reading the first book before this one.
Mattie has a secret that she has kept hiding from us since book one.
I definitely can relive Mattie's story.
I cried because I understood what she was going through. 
Time is the essence of this book. Grief has no time of when it will it will ever be over. 
Healing is a process through time. Time is our greatest need.
I still miss what I have lost. I wonder every day Why God? What have I done to deserve This? Loss is hard no matter who or what we have lost. Grief is the same. Time has no meaning. Over time it has helped me that this is God's will. Our time on Earth is limited. God knows the hour, day, etc when our time is done.
I loved that Amy put in God is our refuge and strength, a time of help in our present time of trouble.
I will have to say this, I love this song by Mary McDonald. 
God is always with us. It is us who leave him. 
I really don't know what else to say except repeating myself that this is a must read and I strongly recommend this book for people who love reading Amish stories. 
I believe that this book also shows us that Amish people are no different than us. They suffer loss and grieve just as we do. They make mistakes just like they do.
The only difference they try not to live of the world but apart from it. (I think I've got this right). Correct me if I'm wrong.
I am going to re-read this series in the future because I enjoyed it so much! 
Thank you Netgalley for letting me read and review this wonderful book by one of my favorite authors! 
I received a complimentary copy from Netgalley and was in no way required to review this book. All words are my own


Hi, I’m Amy Clipston. I am an author of Amish and Christian fiction with HarperCollins Christian Publishing. Most of my books focus on the Amish community, faith, and love. I also write romance novels and young adult inspirational stories. 

Catching the Wind by Melanie Dobson



That question has haunted Daniel Knight since he was thirteen, when he and ten-year-old Brigitte escaped the Gestapo agents who arrested both their parents. They survived a harrowing journey from Germany to England, only to be separated upon their arrival. Daniel vowed to find Brigitte after the war, a promise he has fought to fulfill for more than seventy years.

Now a wealthy old man, Daniel's final hope in finding Brigitte rests with Quenby Vaughn, an American journalist working in London. He believes Quenby's tenacity to find missing people and her personal investment in a related WWII espionage story will help her succeed where previous investigators have failed. Though Quenby is wrestling her own demons--and wary at the idea of teaming up with Daniel's lawyer, Lucas Hough--the lure of Brigitte's story is too much to resist. Together, Quenby and Lucas delve deep into the past, following a trail of deception, sacrifice, and healing that could change all of their futures.


I thought this book rather different. I enjoyed it very much and I must say blending past with present day certainly keeps it interesting!
It's a story searching for truth and wanting to know what happens to certain people. 
I like it because its like a puzzle piece waiting to be put together again to make life whole.
It's amazing what people can do to one another in times of war or whether they be doing illegal activity. It is hard to believe that they do those kinds of things even during war time.
I love it too when stories come out ok. 
It's uncanny how friends still want to find each other or when new friends are found. 
This is a must read because I just adore history. History is our past and it is who makes us who we are today. I sometimes wonder what our forefathers would think of today? They'd probably turn over in their graves now.
I think Lucas has to be my favorite character with Quenby falling in 2nd. They are the two people I most admired. Quenby because she's had a lot to overcome and with Lucas guiding her and helping her. He becomes an automatic friend to Quenby. 
Folks friends at very hard to come by. if you find one you'd better keep them!!
I just want to say again how much I enjoyed this story!
I received a complimentary copy of this book and was in no way required to review this book.
Thanks Melanie Dobson for another so wonderful story!!!!


Melanie DobsonWriting novels is a fun excuse for Melanie to explore ghost towns and old houses, travel to unusual places, and spend hours reading dusty books and journals. She writes both contemporary and historical fiction with threads of romance and suspense. 

Melanie is the award-winning author of sixteen historical romance, suspense, and contemporary novels including Catching the Wind, Beneath a Golden Veil, and The Silent Order. Three of her novels including Chateau of Secrets have won Carol Awards, and Love Finds You in Liberty, Indiana won Best Novel of Indiana.

Melanie and her husband, Jon, have two daughters. After moving numerous times with Jon's work, the Dobsons have finally settled near Portland, Oregon, and they love to travel and hike in both the mountains and the cliffs above the Pacific. When Melanie isn't writing or researching, she enjoys line dancing, biking, and making up stories with her kids.

More information about her and her books is available on her website at

A Love So True by Melissa Jagears



Evelyn Wisely has a heart for the orphans of Teaville and works at a local mansion that rescues children out of the town's red-light district and gives them a place to live. But her desire to help isn't limited to orphans. The owner of the mansion, Nicholas Lowe, is willing to help her try to get the women working in prostitution out of the district as well--if she can gain the cooperation and support of local businessmen to go against the rest of the community. 
David Kingsman has recently arrived in Teaville from Kansas City to help with one of his father's companies in town. While he plans on staying only long enough to prove his business merit to his father, he's shown interest in Evelyn's work and is intrigued enough by her to lend his support to her cause. 
They begin with the best of intentions, but soon the complications pile up and Evelyn and David's dreams look more unattainable every day. When the revelation of a long-held secret creates a seemingly insurmountable rift between them, can they trust God still has a good plan for them despite all that is stacked against them? 


I give this book 5 stars because I thoroughly enjoyed it and I also enjoyed making new friends and a trip back to Teaville. 
David and Evelyn are two of the most hardheaded ppl I've ever met!!!
It's because of their stubbornness that they managed to get certain things done along with Carolines help.
I enjoyed this novel for many reasons. One I think is that the author enables the readers to lose themselves and make them forget where they are at the moment and our troubles in real life. 
Melissa is a very talented writer! I definitely love her writing style.
Evelyn is afraid to let ppl get to close to her. She is self conscious about certain things. Yet, she has a delightful personality once you get to know her. She's kind, compassionate and is always looking out for others below her station in life. I think we all could be like Evelyn.
David is just as determined to win. I like him as well too! 
He is just as determined to help the ppl of Teaville. A traight I just love in a man. David is my hero!!
David wants to break away from all he is familiar with but is unsure how to do it. I love him because of giving nature and compassion for orphan children namely Scott. 
I fell in love with Scott. I wish I had half of his energy!! I was rooting for him when something happened to him. He definitely had determination to want to work and save for the things he wanted out of life.
In a town as small as Teaville its hard to convince ppl for a change. Sometimes ppl find themselves in a position that is out of their control or sometimes they're just afraid to take that step. 
I'm glad that there are ppl like Evelyn and David along with Caroline to want to help ppl who want to change or are looking for a way out. 
Oh and we can't forget Lydia and Nicholas too!!! 
Nicholas is most generous man even though he didn't used to be!!
I think Lydia had a lot to do with that don't you?
I received a complimentary copy from the author and in no way was required to give a review

The Songs that could have been by Amanda Wen

ABOUT THE BOOK Two couples in love. Two sets of impossible circumstances. One powerful God of grace. After a tailspin in her late teens, Lau...