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Dusk's Darkest Shores by Carolyn Miller



How can a meek wallflower help a returning war hero whose dreams are plunged into darkness?

Mary Bloomfield has no illusions. Her chances for matrimony have long since passed her by. Still, her circumstances are pleasant enough, especially now that she has found purpose in assisting her father with his medical practice in England's beautiful Lake District. Even without love, it's a peaceful life.

That is until Adam Edgerton returns to the sleepy district. This decorated war hero did not arrive home to acclaim and rest, but to a new battle against the repercussions of an insidious disease. Mary's caring nature cannot stand to see someone suffer--but how can she help this man see any brightness in his future when he's plunged into melancholic darkness, his dreams laid waste by his condition?

Adam wants no charity, but he's also no coward. If this gentle woman can work hard, how can he do less? Together they struggle to find a way forward for him. Frustration and antipathy slowly develop into friendship and esteem. Then a summer storm atop a mountain peak leads to scandal--and both Mary and Adam must search the depths of their closed hearts for answers if they hope to find any future path with happiness at its end.

Best-selling author Carolyn Miller is back with a fresh series that will not only thrill readers eager for more of her work, but bring in new fans looking for beautiful writing, fascinating research, deftly woven love stories, and real faith lived out in the Regency period.


Loved loved this book!

When I opened the book I had no idea what to expect but I was soon immersed and finished this book in a day!

Such a beautiful story! Very well written with awesome characters!

Yes, Adam was a bit ornery but who wouldn't be after he went through! I found myself rooting for him throughout the story and clapped my hands too!

Sweet Mary? Gotta love her. She wears her feelings on her sleeve for everyone to see just like me! Just like me she loves helping everyone in need. I admired her very much. 

The scenery was absolutely gorgeous! The way Ms. Miller wrote, I felt like I was there!

I really love how this story encourages and offers hope at the same time. 

It is chalk full of inspirational messages that we can use even today. 

God's word never changes. It's us who do. We think we can do it all on our own but really we can't. It's why God sends us certain people to help is along the way.

Of course there are some unsavory characters but that's what make this story good and what adds up to a good mystery.

I was very happy with the ending. It left me thinking about Adam and Mary long after the book was over. I know they still have a story to tell! I hope to see more of them in future books!

This is my favorite of all of Ms. Miller's books!

I highly recommend!

My thanks for a copy of this awesome book. I was NOT required to write a positive review and all opinions are my own!

About the Author

Carolyn Miller is an inspirational romance author who lives in the beautiful Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Australia with her husband and four children.

A longtime lover of romance, especially that of Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer’s Regency era, Carolyn holds a BA in English Literature, and loves drawing readers into fictional worlds that show the truth of God’s grace in our lives. She enjoys music, films, gardens, art, travel and food.

A longtime lover of Regency romance, Carolyn's novels have won a number of RWA and ACFW contests. She is a member of American Christian Fiction Writers and Australasian Christian Writers. 

Learn more about Carolyn at or find her on Facebook (Carolyn Miller Author)Instagram (@CarolynMillerAuthor), and Twitter (@CarolynMAuthor)

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The Hotel by Pamela Kelly

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The Hotel
By Pamela Kelley
Women's Fiction, Romance
Paperback & ebook, 270  Pages
June 8, 2021 by Piping Plover Press

Secrets and Nantucket's most exclusive and glamorous, family-owned hotel.

The Whitley is Nantucket's most exclusive waterfront hotel--a sprawling collection of pristine white cottages and an elegant main building on a long stretch of private, white sandy beach.

It's a family owned business--brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, all work there in various capacities.

Paula is happy in her back office accounting position. But changes are in store when her grandfather promotes her and fires her cousin--who then blames Paula.

Meanwhile, a blond romantic comedy superstar is hiding out at The Hotel for a few months. She meets Paula's brother, a chef--who has no idea who she is--and she likes it that way.

Paula's grandfather also hires a consultant to help her settle into her new role. But she isn't sure what to think of David, who grew up on Nantucket but now lives in Manhattan.

He's a brilliant consultant and will be assessing Paula's suitability for the role. He's also home for another reason, a difficult family issue that makes Manhattan seem very far away.

A new family saga from the Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller author of The Nantucket Inn and The Restaurant.

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The author is right about one thing! This book made me hungry and I found myself drooling right from the beginning! Oh my!
I loved " being" on Nantucket once again. I enjoyed my "visit" so much that I didn't want to leave.
I even like the name of the hotel The Whitley Hotel. I had an awesome visit and made new friends as well. 
I felt that the author did an excellent job with the mother's progressing disease. Not a whole lot or not too much. It's a terrible thing. Made me want to cry.
I think my favorite character was Paula. I enjoyed reading about her. The way she took everyday life and handled it like a pro. Even though there were things she didn't like she took it very well. (Something I don't think I can do.) 
In my opinion, Paula's grandfather was the coolest character of all. He knew what he was about and I loved how he encourages people to do their best and works with those that are not so good. I wish we had more people like him in the restaurant world. I think things would go so much better and that people would want to get out and work more.
I "felt" for Andrea. Her thoughts and feelings would have been exactly like mine at first. So I sort of understood her a lot! But she really didn't have to go out of her way to be ornery.
I learned quite a few things from this book and I definitely loved the author's note at the end of this book.
I think it would be awesome to try a job like that!
Anyway, a wonderful book and one that I finished on a day because it was so good!
Fans of foodie's will definitely love this book!
I recommend!
My thanks for a copy of this book.
I was NOT required to write a positive review and all opinions are my own.

About the Author

Pamela M. Kelley is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of women's fiction, family sagas, and suspense. Readers often describe her books as feel-good reads with people you'd want as friends.

She lives in a historic seaside town near Cape Cod and just south of Boston. She has always been an avid reader of women's fiction, romance, mysteries, thrillers and cook books. There's also a good chance you might get hungry when you read her books as she is a foodie, and occasionally shares a recipe or two.

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The Ack Ack girl by Chris Karlsen

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The Ack Ack Girl
By Chris Karlsen
Historical Romance
Paperback & ebook, 221 Pages
February 14, 2021

Love and War

A country under attack and the story of one woman's fight to protect England and her heart.

1941. The German war machine has crushed all of Europe-only England holds fast. To force a surrender, the German Luftwaffe bombs cities and villages the length of the country. As the battle rages, Britain is in desperate need to put more pilots in the air.

To free up more men a new unit is formed: The Ack Ack Girls. These special teams of courageous women will now fight in the anti-aircraft stations. Determined to be part of the effort, Ava Armstrong, volunteers for one of the special teams.

Her unit just happens to be located near an RAF airfield teaming with pilots. Sparks fly, and not just from artillery, When Ava crosses paths with Chris Fairfield, a handsome and cocky pilot stationed there. But nothing is easy in time of war, not even love.

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Loved loved this new story about WW2.
I learned something new while reading this book. 
The author has certainly done her research for this brand new story. 
I was intrigued from the beginning and enjoyed every minute of the book.
I have never heard of the Ack Ack girls until I seen this title. I was looking for something different to read and this caught my eye. I wasn't disappointed. I spent my Sunday afternoon lost in a time that I've only heard my grandpa talk about but I'm probably pretty sure he's not heard of these girls. But then again since he's never talked about it much I don't know. It's possible he did. He was too busy fighting the Germans himself.
There were some spots that I didn't care for but otherwise I loved it.
Here's a favorite quote and one reason it's a favorite is that it hits too close to home for me. I wished I had this advice years ago but I was too hard headed and wanted my own place. 

"Don't choose him just because he's handsome or charming, just be certain that you can trust him with your heart".

I love this advice from Ava's mother to Ava. 
Highly recommend.
My thanks for a copy of this book. I was NOT required to write a positive review and all opinions are my own.
Five stars!

About the Author

I was raised in Chicago. My father was a history professor, and my mother, a voracious reader who passed on a love of history and books to me along with a love of travel.

I am a retired police detective. After twenty-five years in law enforcement, I decided to pursue my dream of writing. I write a historical-time travel romance series called Knights in Time and a historical suspense called The Bloodstone Series.

I also have a historical romance series called Love & War. A free copy of the first book in this series is available through my newsletter:

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The Bent Tree Bride by Denise Weimer


             ABOUT THE BOOK

Susanna Moore can't get him out of her mind--the learned lieutenant who delivered the commission from Andrew Jackson making her father colonel of the Cherokee Regiment. But the next time she sees Lieutenant Sam Hicks, he's leading a string of prisoners into a frontier fort, and he's wearing the garb of a Cherokee scout rather than the suit of a white gentleman. 

As both Susanna's father and Sam's commanding officer, Colonel Moore couldn't have made his directive to stay away from his daughter clearer to Sam. He wants a better match for Susanna--like the stuffy doctor who escorted her to Creek Territory. Then a suspected spy forces Moore to rely on Sam for military intelligence and Susanna's protection, making it impossible for either to guard their heart.


This book was such a good book so much so that I didn't want it to end!

Weimer sure knows how to write awesome adventures and writes about the amazing sceneries that I feel like I was there!

She draws her readers in from the very beginning and I loved the romance that was included. 

Suzanne and Sam are the perfect couple! I loved them dearly.

I didn't care much for her dad but there were times that I understood him as well.

I found the War of 1812 fascinating from this author's point of view she's done an excellent job.

I appreciate how she brings something different to her works. I say special because it comes from her heart and her love of historical fiction really comes the pages of her books. 

Her stories leave my heart feeling full and satisfied.  There are some great Christian messages throughout the story. They can be applied to our lives today. 

Thank you for another wonderful story and I am looking forward to more of them. Please don't ever stop writing!

I will reread this again.

I highly recommend.

I was NOT required to write a positive review and all opinions are my own.



Denise Weimer writes historical and contemporary romance and romantic suspense, mostly set in her home state of Georgia. She’s authored a dozen traditionally published novels and a number of novellas. As a managing editor for the historical imprints of Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas, she also helps others reach their publishing dreams. A wife and mother of two daughters, Denise always pauses for coffee, chocolate, and old houses.

Friday, April 16, 2021

The End Run by Christy Hayes



Formerly published in 2014 under the title, “A Kiss by the Book,” this book has been extensively revised from the original.

Tutoring college athletes at Southeastern State University is more than a job for Jenna Peterson; it’s a way to pay it forward after long-ago tragedy struck too close to home.

Golden boy, Zach Chamberlain, isn’t the first jock Jenna Peterson’s tutored with cover-boy good looks, and he won’t be the last. When Zach’s storybook life begins to unravel, Jenna discovers he’s more than just a gifted athlete with a pretty face. A sprig of mistletoe and a searing kiss pits the playmaker against the rule maker. When secrets are revealed and the game is on the line, will they follow the game plan, improvise, or make an end run around their hearts?


Another delightful and fun read by Christy Hayes. This series has been an enjoyable one for sure and certain!
Delightful characters all the way around and some funny scenes included.
I think Jenna is my favorite character. I wish I could be more like her. I like how she doesn't let anyone railroad her so to speak and especially Zach! He hasn't been my favorite character thus far. He's stuck up and likes to bully people into what he wants.
I loved the funny scenes the best! They made me smile and laugh out loud. This was a great read!
Hayes" style of writing is awesome and I really like how she covers even some of toughest subjects. She has that special way of making you laugh, cry and even sniffle at times.
I highly recommend this read! You'll enjoy it as much as I have!
My thanks for a copy of this book. I was NOT required to write a positive review and all opinions are my own.


Christy lives outside Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband and three dogs. When not writing, she’s reading, walking dogs, or stalking her adult children on social media.



Formerly published in 2013 under the title “A Kiss by Design,” this book has been extensively revised from the original.

When Emily finds an engagement ring in her best friend Dylan’s backpack, she panics and tries to stop him from marrying a girl he barely knows. When his brother asks for help planning a surprise proposal, Dylan knows it’s time to bury his feelings and finally let Emily go. When Emily accidentally puts them in a compromising position, will Dylan reveal his long-buried feelings, or will Emily realize she’s dating the wrong brother?


Gosh! Where do I begin with my review?
I liked that it was a friends first ( sort of like my husband and me) to the romance part.
I think the second thing I like about this story was that Dylan and Emily took their time in getting to know each other and even though they were friends since kids I liked this deeper side of them.
I really loves how the author shows us Dylan's side of things too. His thoughts, feelings, and crazy side too. She does a wonderful job in showing us in how a man might feel about a woman he likes.
I couldn't stand Zach and his selfish ways. These two brothers remind me of my husband and his brother both as different as night and day.
Zach kind of made me mad at him in his obnoxious ways.
I ended up snickering at some of the scenes in this book. They were kinda cute in a way.
Emily really is my best friend in many ways. Her personality sort of fits mine. I think we'd get along jest fine! I approve of Dylan wholeheartedly.
4 stars. I recommend.
My thanks for a copy of this book. I was NOT required to write a positive review and all opinions are my own.


Christy lives outside Atlanta, Georgia, with her husband and three dogs. When not writing, she’s reading, walking dogs, or stalking her adult children on social media.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

The Indebted Earl by Erica Vetsch



Can Captain Wyvern keep his new marriage of convenience all business--or will it turn into something more?

Captain Charles Wyvern owes a great debt to the man who saved his life--especially since Major Richardson lost his own life in the process. The best way to honor that hero's dying wish is for Wyvern to escort the man's grieving fiance and mother safely to a new cottage home by the sea. But along the way, he learns of another obligation that has fallen on his shoulders: his uncle has died and the captain is now the Earl of Rothwell.

When he and the ladies arrive at his new manor house in Devon, they discover an estate in need of a leader and a gaggle of girls, all wards of the former earl. War the new earl knows; young ladies and properties he does not. Still wishing to provide for the bereaved Lady Sophia Haverly, Charles proposes a marriage of convenience.

Sophie is surprised to find she isn't opposed to the idea. It will help her care for her betrothed's elderly mother, and she's already fallen in love with the wayward girls on the Rothwell estate. This alliance is a chance to repay the captain who has done so much for her care, as well as divert her attention from her grief. When Wyvern returns to his sea commission, she'll stay behind to oversee his property and wards.

It sounds so simple. Until the stalwart captain is arrested on suspicion of smuggling, and Sophie realizes how much he's come to mean to her. Now she'll have to learn to fight, not only for his freedom but also for his love.


I took my time to read this awesome book because I wanted to savor it. This is the best book in the series and I didn't want to say goodbye. 
I loved all the characters in this story and I feel that Erica Vetsch has outdone herself on this one. 
This will be forever my favorite in the series! 
Children really are a jem and they really do observe us adults on a daily bases. 
Little Betsy was my favorite! She made me want to laugh at times and sometimes I felt like some of her expressions were what I do when I want to get my way or to convince someone that they should go my way. A little girl after my own heart. 
There were oftentimes that I felt just like Penny. 
I especially enjoyed the bit of mystery that was added into the story. People aren't what they seem. Someone always has a hidden side to them.
Vetsch is such a good storyteller that I love losing myself in her stories and this one is no exception! 
It was so awesome to see old friends like Marcus and Carolyn from the previous book and yes, even the cantankerous mother that I absolutely did not like! 
I think that my favorite of all of them is Sophie. Her personality is wonderful. I love that she puts others before herself even three little girls. 
This story is just swell! A great read that I highly recommend and you'll want to read the others in this series as well. 
Whenever there is a book that can be read as a stand alone I disagree. It's always good to read the others before you jump in on a book like this because I feel that you may have missed something in the other stories. 
I hope there is a 4th book for this series. I feel that there is more to tell and I love being all into a good story so this one was no exception. 
Vetsch certainly knows what she's doing when she tells a Regency story like this one. I love her research for this era. It makes it that much more interesting and I love to learn how her stories for this era came about. 
I highly recommend this book. 
My thanks to Kregel Publications for a copy of this book. I was NOT required to write a positive review for this story. All opinions are my own. 


Erica Vetsch is a New York Times best-selling and ACFW Carol Award–winning author. She is a transplanted Kansan now living in Minnesota with her husband, who she claims is both her total opposite and soul mate. 
Vetsch loves Jesus, history, romance, and sports. When she’s not writing fiction, she’s planning her next trip to a history museum and cheering on her Kansas Jayhawks and New Zealand All Blacks.
A self-described history geek, she has been planning her first research trip to England.
Learn more about Erica Vetsch and her books at She can also be found on Facebook (@EricaVetschAuthor)Instagram (@EricaVetsch) and Pinterest (Erica Vetsch).


Wednesday, March 17, 2021



Uncover the Story Behind a One-Hundred-Year-Old Love Letter

Walk through Doors to the Past via a new series of historical stories of romance and adventure.

Clara Blackwell helps her mother manage a struggling one-hundred-year old family bookshop in Asheville, North Carolina, but the discovery of a forgotten letter opens a mystery of a long-lost romance and undiscovered inheritance which could save its future. Forced to step outside of her predictable world, Clara embarks on an adventure with only the name Oliver as a hint of the man’s identity in her great-great-grandmother’s letter. From the nearby grand estate of the Vanderbilts, to a hamlet in Derbyshire, England, Clara seeks to uncover truth about family and love that may lead to her own unexpected romance.


I think I'm going to say what a beautifully written story that will have you all in from the beginning to end and will leave you thinking about these people long after their story has ended.
I love and enjoy Ms. Basham's books very much and this one is no exception. She just has that amazing way of telling a story and bringing it to life for us readers while at the same time offering hope, love and joy all at once. You know, all those good feels of a sweet love story that will make your heart melt.
That's how I felt about this one.
I will be adding this one to my keeper shelf and to my list of favorites for 2021.
Thank you Ms. Basham! Wonderful job well done!
5 stars!
My thanks for a copy of this book. I was NOT required to write a positive review and all opinions are my own.


Pepper D Basham has been telling tales ever since she was a little girl. When her grandmother called her a “writer” at the age of ten, Pepper took it as gospel and has enjoyed various types of writing styles ever since. A native of the Blue Ridge Mountains, mom of five, speech-language pathologist, and lover of chocolate, Pepper enjoys sprinkling her native Appalachian culture into her fiction wherever she can. She currently resides in the lovely mountains of Asheville, NC, where she works with kids who have special needs, searches for unique hats, and plots new ways to annoy her wonderful friends at her writing blog, The Writer’s Alley.

Monday, March 15, 2021

Shelter in the Storm by Laurel Blount



In this moving Amish romance, two broken hearts find hope in each other after a terrible loss.

Unspeakable tragedy strikes the Amish hamlet of Johns Mill when an unstable Englischer opens fire in the Hochstedler's General Store. In the aftermath, and under the media's spotlight, Joseph Hochstedler struggles to hold his shattered family together, drawing unexpected comfort from a faithful childhood friend.

Born with a serious heart defect, optimist Naomi Schrock has always longed to live a life of service. She rolls up her sleeves, determined to help Joseph cope with this terrible crisis. But dare she hope that his friendship will finally deepen into love?

As the media's obsession with the Hochstedler shooting escalates, Joseph and Naomi find themselves caught between tradition and compromise, lingering sorrows and uncertain hopes. And in the end, two people who've already lost far too much must find the courage to trust their hearts one last time.


All I can say is wow! The best Amish book that I've read in a very long time! I was all in the from the beginning and lived every minute of it.
I can relate to Naomi is so many ways! Her thoughts, feelings, and health. I felt like she was the sister I never had. In Christ of course!
Poor Joseph I felt so bad for him trying to do the right thing but how do you know what the right thing is? Especially when other people shove their thoughts and opinions at you? Follow your heart of course and don't hold back any secrets from your relationship.
If God intends for it to work out then it will like Bishop Issac says;

" We drive ourselves into confusing places when we try to take the reins into our lives. It is Gott's job to guide us in whatever direction He deems best."
"Ours is to follow willingly, even when the path lie along a road we ourselves wouldn't choose."

The best advice in the whole wide world but as humans we sometimes tend to forget that.
The wisdom of the bishop is my most favorite thing about this book as it can be for us readers to think about and use as a guideline in our own lives long after this story is over.
The author has done a fine job by adding all the ingredients of a wonderful Amish fiction book that I very much enjoyed. I didn't want the book to end.
I will make a point that I haven't read her other books before but I'm going to look them up. 
I like her style of writing by bringing out the best in her Amish characters. This book so wonderful y'all!
I highly recommend.
My thanks to Berkeley publications for a copy of this book. I was NOT disappointed in this story at all!
All opinions stated are my own.
Five stars!


Award-winning author Laurel Blount writes captivating romances full of grit and grace—with characters who’ll walk right off the page and into your heart. She lives on a farm in Georgia with her husband, their four fabulous kids, and an assortment of ridiculously spoiled animals. Connect with her at 


The Robin's Greeting by Wanda Brunstetter



A Season of Hope Is Coming 

For the past two years Belinda King, along with her two grown daughters and teenage son, has been struggling to keep the family greenhouse running. Despite disconcerting events that have threatened to put them out of business, they have survived two growing seasons. And now Belinda can focus on the two suitors vying for her attention. Herschel Fisher, a new acquaintance, makes her feel relaxed, and Monroe Esh, an admirer from her past, reminds her of her youth.

But just when Belinda thinks she can choose between her suitors, life throws more trials her way. Her son, Henry, becomes bitter about the idea of her dating anyone. Her daughter-in-law finds her missing mother. Belinda gets sick. And attacks on the greenhouse start again.

When can Belinda hope to experience the peace and love her weary heart longs for?


I was going to wait until closer to the publication date but I couldn't help myself. I just had to open it and start reading! Oh my!
Y'all! This book is full of surprises!
Brunstetter has once again woven another tale about Sylvia, Henry and Belinda. I hate saying goodbye but their story is so fascinating and to see what God has orchestrated for this family is truly amazing!
I've made some wonderful friends from the first book in this series and new ones in this last book.
My heart in a way goes out to Virginia. You see, when I first met her I didn't like her for more reasons than one. I can relate to her on one thing and that's our legs. I have a bum leg too and I felt the pain that Virginia experienced. It's not fun. It hurts!
The mystery that made this series was a good one. I was very surprised when I found out who done it. I never never expected it to be him. Just wow!
Brunstetter sure knows how to keep us in suspense! I never saw that one coming. Blew me away!
I'm gonna end my review with a favorite Bible verse John 3:16
For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son that whosoever believes in Him will have ever lasting life. That's a wonderful promise. Ain't so?
I am sad to see this series end but as always I'm looking forward to see what Brunstetter comes out with next!
Definitely 5 stars on this sweet book. Kept my attention the whole way through.
My thanks for a copy of this book. I was NOT required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own..


New York Times bestselling and award-winning author, Wanda E. Brunstetter is one of the founders of the Amish fiction genre. She has written close to 90 books translated in four languages. With over 10 million copies sold, Wanda's stories consistently earn spots on the nations most prestigious bestseller lists and have received numerous awards.

Wanda’s ancestors were part of the Anabaptist faith, and her novels are based on personal research intended to accurately portray the Amish way of life. Her books are well-read and trusted by many Amish, who credit her for giving readers a deeper understanding of the people and their customs.

When Wanda visits her Amish friends, she finds herself drawn to their peaceful lifestyle, sincerity, and close family ties. Wanda enjoys photography, ventriloquism, gardening, bird-watching, beachcombing, and spending time with her family. She and her husband, Richard, have been blessed with two grown children, six grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

To learn more about Wanda, visit her website at

Dusk's Darkest Shores by Carolyn Miller

  ABOUT THE BOOK How can a meek wallflower help a returning war hero whose dreams are plunged into darkness? Mary Bloomfield has no illusion...