Thursday, August 12, 2021

The Sound the Sun Makes by Buck Storm



Literary Americana with humor, heart, and a whole lot of twists to keep readers guessing

Detective Early Pines loves his southern Arizona desert, often thinking he could stare at it all day long. But now that he's forced to do just that, the truth is the view from his back porch is getting old. He's on mandatory leave from the police department, simply for punching a wife beater who had it coming. Early is in dire need of a distraction from his own loud thoughts. So when an old friend invites him to tag along to a rodeo down in Old Mex, it seems like just the ticket.

But if there's one constant in the world, it's that life always throws a guy curveballs. With a flat tire, a roadside bar, and a beautiful woman with trouble on her hands, Early's distraction takes a hard right turn--straight to Los Angeles, six hundred miles west.

Hammott Lamont is waiting there in his own personal hunting ground. The reclusive filmmaker is a veritable cult leader to Hollywood stars--and he's sure his latest project will redefine art history in his image. He's got a plan for a brutal, modernized version of the Christ story, and he's ready to trample anyone who stands in the way of his colossal vision. That is, until big, loud Early Pines hits the coast for a clash of two titans who never saw each other coming.

Quirky, lyrical, and unexpected, The Sound the Sun Makes offers a warm and sunny side trip for fans of Jimmy Buffett, Carl Hiaasen, and Barbara Kingsolver who long for more of a Christian worldview in their fiction.


Gomez Gomez used to call himself an imperfect believer. There's that kind I guess. Fits me better. We're all imperfect believers Pines. "Some more imperfect than others. "
Yes, we're all a work in progress.
Gomez Gomez has it right.
This story made me grin from ear to ear. You just gotta love Early and his outlook on life. I really can see him with that ridiculous hat on top of his head.
This made me laugh.
Now, as far as hearing the sun goes, I don't know but I do know that if you listen carefully then you can hear the Lord's voice.
Such delightful characters and this is definitely a book you'll not want to put down.
In my honest opinion this is the best I've read this year. It's a book that will grab your heart and not let go.
Many wonderful places to " visit".
I've been through the desert so the description is accurate.
Jake is a friend that I'd want by my side always and forever. I thought he was really good for Early.
One thing that you can't do is run or keep secrets. God knows all. He will find you. It's always best to come clean even though you don't think its fair.
Life isn't fair no matter how you look at it.
Early and Jake are my favorite characters. They made me laugh and learn a few things along the way.
I highly recommend this book. You'll love it as much as I did!
My thanks for a copy of this book. I was NOT required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own.
Five stars for the style of writing that was done and for the development of the characters.
My thanks for a copy of this book from Kregal publication. I was NOT required to write a positive review. All opinions are my own.


Buck Storm is a critically acclaimed, award winning author and musician. His novels have made friends around the world.

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