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None so Blind by Chautona Havig

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Book title: None So Blind
Author: Chautona Havig
Release date: September 29, 2013
Genre: Contemporary
Dani and Ella Weeks–two women who share one thing in common. The same life, the same family, and the same body.
When Dani wakes with no knowledge of who or where she is–no memories of her life at all–David and Dani Weeks discover that “til death do us part” takes on an entirely unexpected meaning. Practically speaking, Dani died. But she didn’t.
What’s a gal to do?
In a desperate attempt to separate the old life from the new, Dani insists on a new name, a twist of her old one–Ella.
Ella’s doctors can’t explain what happened. Her children can’t understand why she doesn’t know them. David, her husband, finds himself torn between admiration for the “new” version of his wife and missing the woman he’s known for over fifteen years.

Will Ella ever regain her memory? Why does their pastor suspect it’s one great hoax?


When I opened this book to read it, I wasnt sure what to expect or where I going to travel next. I was pleasantly surprised!!

I couldn't imagine waking up and not knowing myself or not knowing my family. 

I couldn't imagine putting them thought what Ella/Dani did even tho it wasnt her fault.

Imagine waking up and havingbto relearn everything u once knew and reknowing the people who were your friends and family. 

Not me. There's no way I could go thro that and hopefully will never have to. 
I did enjoy knowing that David was a faithful husband never giving up on his wife. I think this was a better or worse situations. Bless David!! He bacame my hero!! 
My husband is sort of like him. He's there when I'm sick or hurting but in other ways he's not. He is who he is.
I love him regardless. Makes me wonder tho if I woke up someday not remembering who I was what he would do?
I have to admit, I learned to like Ella. I enjoyed Ella and David's banter and even snickered at them. My husband thinks I'm crazy for laughing out loud in particular scenes throughout this wonderful book.
I could just "see" what the expressions on the children's faces were when they "discovered" their new side of their mom. 
I also enjoyed the fact that the author mentions our Lord through this book. 
She talks about how He is with this family through thick and thin no matter what their problems are. He is with us no matter what we just have to ask and talk to Him as tho He were here in person. 
I am glad He is my one true friend that I can count on no matter what.
I'm also glad that Ella found him again through David. I really admired David's faith and I'll never tire of saying so. 
Thank you Chautona for a wonderful story and taking me where no man has ever gone before. 
I received this book for free.
No compensation was. received nd all words arw my own!!!! 


media-headshot-smChautona Havig lives and writes in California’s Mojave Desert with her husbnd and five of her nine children. Through her novels, she hopes to encourage Christians in their walk with Jesus.

Guest post from Chautona Havig

“Who are you, again?”

“I’m Joe’s, daughter. Vyonie.” My sister pointed to me. “This is Chautona.”

For some odd reason, the niece she spent the least amount of time with, Aunt Doris remembered—somewhat. But she didn’t remember Vyonie from what I could tell. She smiled at me, that amazing, sweet smile I’d never forget. She asked how I was. I always thought that Mrs. Sanderson—mother of John, Alicia, and Carl on the TV show, Little House on the Prairie—looked and sounded like Aunt Doris. Of course, that memory of me didn’t last. A minute or two later, she gave me a big smile and asked if she knew me.
It gave me a picture of what it must have been like for my character, Ella Weeks—to wake up every day with these children there—children who knew her, but she didn’t remember. The hurt she caused every time she had to struggle to admit she didn’t know something she probably should—again. So, I thought I’d ask her to tell us about it.
Ella: People often assume that the worst part of losing my memory are the memories that disappeared, too. But it’s not. A much as I’d love to remember my wedding day, my daughter’s first steps, my son’s first words, or that moment I realized I was pregnant with my third, those are blessings that I don’t think about often. No, what hurts most is seeing the pain in my children’s eyes when they need me to remember something and I can’t. For me, not remembering their first day of kindergarten is an inconvenience. For them, it’s a further reminder that if they didn’t tell me, I wouldn’t know them. That without them pushing themselves into my life, I wouldn’t care about them any more than any other human in my path. I do now, of course, but not at first. I hate that they heard David say once, “…she doesn’t know me. She doesn’t trust me. She doesn’t know our children. She tries, but she could walk out of our lives tomorrow and never miss us.”
Living so close to it every day, I missed those little bits of pain that I inflicted without meaning to, but when I went with our Bible study to a nursing home and visited with the residents, then I saw it. Women with tears running down their cheeks as loved ones patted their hands and tried to comfort. I heard one man offer to find a woman’s father. She squeezed him close and whispered, “It’s okay, Daddy. I love you. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
The man promised to try to find her father in the meantime.
Those people there—most of them didn’t realize they didn’t remember someone important. They didn’t struggle to remember this or that. Their dementia had gotten bad enough that their lives had gone from constant frustration to, by comparison, blissful oblivion.
And their families withered with each forgotten face, name, moment.
That’s what my “episode” did for my family. It caused them pain that just resurfaced every time something new happened. Pain that I didn’t know I inflicted. And since that visit, I have a greater compassion and awareness of just how amazing and powerful memories are.
I also have a greater appreciation for those beautiful words in Isaiah when the Lord promised… “I, even I, am the one who wipes out your transgressions for My own sake, And I will not remember your sins.”
You see, there’s a lifetime of the sins that Jesus died for buried somewhere in my brain—or, at least at one time there was. I know that those sins were in there, because the ones I committed yesterday are there today. The ones I’ve already confessed and been forgiven for—I beat myself up for the next morning. A week later. A month. But the Lord has wiped them clean. I just keep smearing them back out there again as if to say, “But You don’t get how BAD I was.” Yeah. The arrogance, right? Because an almighty, holy God can’t possibly understand how sinful a sinner that He had to DIE to save from those sins… is. The arrogance? That’s an understatement.
But all those years before that horrible morning… gone. Maybe I stole something. I don’t know. It was forgiven, wiped clean, and then wiped from my memory. I can’t rehash it with the Lord over and over. I can’t drag it back up like a wife who won’t let her husband forget the one time he forgot her birthday. I can’t use it as a whip to beat myself up with. And I think there’s something beautiful in that.
Do I wish I could stop hurting my family with my blank past? Of course. But am I also grateful for a living picture of the fresh start the Lord gives His people at salvation? Definitely. I hope I never take it for granted again.



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Springs of Love by Laura V. Hilton, Rachel J. Good and Thomas Nye

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SpringsofLoveCover-hiresAbout the Book

Book title: Springs of Love
Author: Laura V. Hilton, Rachel J. Good, Thomas Nye
Release date: June 15, 2017
Genre: Amish
The Kissing Bridge
Escaping the past isn’t as easy as it should be…
Anna thought her bad decisions would fade into nothing after she vanished for a few months. Her motives would be clear, her mistakes erased, and she’d be able to rewrite her future the way she wanted. It didn’t work out the way she’d planned. Instead, she discovered her actions have consequences and they had to be paid.
Reuben loved Anna for as long as he could remember, but before he could get serious about courting her, his brother, Mark, won her away. But now she’s back and she beginning to pay the steep price for her mistakes. Reuben tries to help her as much as he can, and the decisions he makes will cost them both everything.
Sold on Love
When Lavina Fisher takes over the household while Mamm’s away, things go from bad to worse. And her younger brother, Stephen, is mostly to blame. Then an accident forces Lavina to face her fears—and her ex-boyfriend. Can she swallow her pride and accept Aaron’s help with the latest disaster?
Cowboys and Amish Girls
Rodeo cowboy, Truman Gunderson, had never met an Amish girl. Amish sisters, Faith, Hope, and Charity had yet to lay eyes on a real, live cowboy. That is until Truman’s galloping horse crosses paths with Charity’s runaway buggy. Truman is not the type to shy away from any challenge, but after he learns something about Faith, Hope, and especially Charity, he realizes that he has met his match.
I enjoyed these three stories very much. 
There is something enjoyable for everyone to read.
There are also many life lessons to kearn from these stories that each author has put in.

The Kissing Bridge
I loved Laura's story because you can't run from the past. The past makes us who we are. I have tried doing that and it doesn't work!
None of us deserves abuse verbally or physical in no way shape or form.
I'm glad my two heroes finally found a way to work out their problems even tho it might not have been the best solution but it was a peaceful one?
I sure didn't like how Mark bullied everyone around. Too often it starts in the home but I don't think this was the case this time. Jealousy is your greatest bully. I didn't think it was right that Mark got everything that his brother or anyone else wanted.
I really really wanted to wrap my arms around and take her away myself!!! I'd have to loved to have her as a sister! I think she would've been a joy to be around!!
I'm have been raised by myself so, i don't know what having a sibling is like.

Sold on Love.
In Rachael's story we meet Aaron, Steven and Lavina.
Poor Steven!!! He reminds too much of my own husband being accident prone and all!!! I definitely wanted to shake him up some and make him see what he's doing. 
Sometimes tho we have to learn lessons the hard way!!! I am like that!! I still am like that. I act or say things before I think them thro. 
I am glad Steven has Aaron to help him thro the rough spots!! Aaron is a hero in my book!!!
Way to go Aaron!!! 
Lavina is something else!!!
Lavina has a fear all her own. But, I think it's a silly reason not to go on with life. If a man doesn't love you for who you are and not what you can't do then he's not the one for you.
My grandma used to say, there's a lid for every pot in this world.

The Cowboy and Amish Girl
In Thomas's story we meet a cowboy and an Amish girl. 
Truman is a funny, likable cowboy! I love his personality! 
Truman is a teacher of sorts. I think the Lord has led him to the family for a reason. There he makes new friends and along the way learns some things for himself. 
I like how Charitys mom says," That Spring makes ppl do crazy things". I believe her. It's our way of saying cabin fever after being cooped up all winter.
Charity is a go getter. I like that! 
Isn't it funny how sometimes two ppl meet and where they meet? I met my husband at Wal-Mart lol!!!
I recommend this book very strongly. 
I received this book for free. No compensation was received and all words are my own.

About the Author

Laura pictureLaura V. Hilton is an award-winning, sought-after author with almost twenty Amish, contemporary, and historical romances. When she’s not writing, she reviews books for her blogs, and writes devotionals for blog posts for Seriously Write and Putting on the New.
Laura and her pastor-husband have five children and a hyper dog named Skye. They currently live in Arkansas. One son is in the U.S. Coast Guard. She is a pastor’s wife, and homeschools her two youngest children.
When she’s not writing, Laura enjoys reading, and visiting lighthouses and waterfalls. Her favorite season is winter, her favorite holiday is Christmas.
rachel goodRachel J. Good is the author of several Amish series in print or forthcoming—Sisters & FriendsLove & Promises, and two books in theHearts of Amish Country series—as well as the Amish Quilts Coloring Books and the contemporary novella, Angels Unaware, part of the Hope Chapel series. Visit Rachel at her website:

IMG_0731xThomas Nye writes novels about horses and Amish life, with a touch of romance, and a foundation of faith in Christ. He and his wife, Shari, live on her family farm where they raised five children. Their six grandchildren love to visit Karma and Karla, a team of draft horses which Thomas purchased from an Amish friend.

Guest post from Laura Hilton

The story behind The Kissing Bridge
The Snow Globe was released in November 2014 and almost immediately readers fell in love with Reuben and Anna, the grandparents in the story. They were secondary characters, but readers asked me to write their story – I put it on the back-burner, told God if He opens the doors I would, and didn’t really think of it again until I was asked to write a novella for this collection. I talked to the publisher of my Amish novels, they gave me permission, and a very close friend and I went back and reread The Snow Globe to remember all the important details about Reuben and Anna in that book. Then, with much prayer for God’s leading, I dived in. The Kissing Bridge is the result, and it was so much fun to write! If you are new to my writing, and want to know what happened to the main characters of The Kissing Bridge years down the road, then read The Snow Globe. If you have read The Snow Globe and were one of the many who asked for Reuben and Anna’s story, then read The Kissing Bridge.
The setting is actually a real covered bridge that I visited long years ago with my parents when we went on a camping trip and visited all the covered bridges and mills in driving distance of our camp-spot. That was before I cared that my family had come from the Amish and I wondered at all these people dressed as they were and driving horses and buggies!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the story!


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Naomi's Hope by Jan Drexler



Despite growing pains in her 1846 Amish community in Indiana, Naomi Schrock has settled into a comfortable life in her parents' home with her adopted son, Davey. Surrounded by family and friends, she tries not to think about the fact that she's not at the top of any man's list of potential wives. Yet when Cap Stoltzfus moves into the area and befriends Davey, Naomi finds herself caught between the plans she has made for her future and the tantalizing thought that Cap might be part of a life she never dared to hope for. 
When a couple shows up claiming to be Davey's true family, Naomi and Cap must unite to make the decision that will determine the boy's future as well as their own. How can she relinquish him to these unknown relatives? And can God somehow bring wholeness to her 


I loved this book for many reasons. I liked how the author has made the characters doubt themselves in their Faith as we do sometimes today. 
I loved the character Davey. I can relate to him in many ways because I am adopted too. I'm very thankful for the parents that raised me. 
You can be a parent but it takes a special person to raise someone else's child. I  call those ppl angels. God cannot be everywhere so He created earthly parents to help Him out.
Davey is a pretty cool dude in my opinion. A child after my own heart.
Naomi is pretty special too to raise Davey by herself. Oh, she has help but sometimes I wonder if she'll ever see what's right in front of her face? 
I can relate to Naomi at times. Sometimes it's hard to see what blessings we have when we think we've taken a step forward, when actually we've taken two steps back!! I hate someone else telling me how to raise my own child when at times they think they have our best interests in their hearts. Most often I find this to be people without children. 
It's how Naomi feels in the story. 
Naomi is sensitive like me. Sometimes someone can tell me something and I'll take it the wrong way or get mad over something silly.
Jan writes with her heart on this conclusion of Hannah's Choice series. I loved all the books in the series!! 
I first met Jan through Hannah's Choice and from then on it was love at first sight on this unusual Amish series.
I enjoyed this series so much that I'll reread it again! 
Will Naomi find the many blessings that is right in front of her? 
Cap is a fine man too!! Can't leave him out. It takes a lot of love and patience connect with the right people. I find Cap special in a way because he doesn't deem himself above other people and never judges others who cross his path unlike Shem.
I didn't like Shem for various reasons but I guess you have to have all kinds of folks to make the world turn!! 
Thank you for a wonderful story Jan!!!


So Pure a Heart



PictureSeries: Daughters of His Kingdom
Genre: Historical, Romance, Christian
Publisher: Liberty Publishing
Publication date: June 20, 2017
Number of pages: 346

Since the night her dear uncle gave his life for hers, Hannah Young is determined to risk everything by spying for the Patriots in order to seek retribution against the British soldier who killed him. But when her former love, Joseph Wythe, insists on ensuring her safety, she must decide if the vengeance she seeks is worth the danger of his nearness. For the love she once felt is liable to grow deeper and more threatening to her heart than it ever was before.

Leaving his young ward to join the fight for liberty is the hardest thing Joseph Wythe has ever done. Nearly. The most difficult happened ten years past, which he tries his best forget. Seeing Hannah Young again after all this time does something frightening and wonderful to his soul. Though her determination to spy for the 
​Patriots is honorable and brave, he will never allow her to take such a risk without him to protect her, no matter how she protests—and no matter how he knows he will ache all the more for the thing he always wanted and still could never have. 


Well, I was going to wait and post my review but Hannah, Joseph, and Philo just couldn't wait.

I burnt some midnight oil and had book hangovers at work because i just couldn't put their story down!!!
This powerful novel has some awesome twists and turns that will want you to keep turning the pages just like it did me!!!
I literally just could've choked and shook Philo to his senses!!
For a father, he was pretty shelfish (just like my own father)! All he thought about was himself!!!
His brother was interesting as well! 
I do have a superhero in this book. His name is Captain Higley. He has a heart of gold and you will see why when you decide to pick up this book and read it for yourself. 
Hannah and Joseph are two people that I very much in getting to know. If I could travel back in time I'd love to meet them personally to shake their hands. 
Amber has put her heart and soul into this beautiful book. I sensed this right off. I love her stories! She is on my list to add to favorite authors and I look forward to her next book!
I loved this book because sometimes it is hard to accept what blessings that is given to you until its too late!! I enjoyed watching these characters change and grow throughout this novel. 
Thank you Hannah and Joseph for a very interesting story!
Thank you Amber for writing a wonderful book and i am looking forward to the next one!!!!



A Pacific Northwest native, Amber Lynn Perry lives in Washington state with her husband and two daughters. She studied humanities at Portland State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree focused on art history. As a homeschooling mom, Amber spends much of her time teaching everything from Shakespeare to science.
When she isn’t crafting with her kids, making dinner or driving to dance classes, Amber is either reading or writing about her favorite time in American history. The Revolutionary era has captured her imagination from the time she was in middle school. Through her books, Amber hopes to not only give readers a glimpse into the past, but to instill in them a lasting love of liberty.


1. Who or what inspired you to become an author?
Oh! That’s a great question! It was Deeanne Gist who first told me I should write. I’m not even sure if she remembers mentioning anything to me, but after she said it I thought, “Hey! Why not??”

2. When you were a kid what did you want to be when you grew up?  Did becoming an author ever cross your mind?
Actually, being an author never really came to mind, though I did first start writing—just for fun—in middle school. That was when the idea for So Fair a Lady began!

3. Who are some of your favorite authors?  Do these authors inspire your own writing?
Some of my favorite authors are Laura Frantz, and Tamara Leigh. Their stories, their prose, the depth of their characters—everything about their writing inspires me to be better.

4. What inspired the idea for the Daughters in His Kingdom Series? What inspired the idea for So Pure a Heart?
I first got the idea for the series when I was young—I’ve been obsessed with the American Revolution since middle school, and I thought how exciting it would be to bring the era to life. I hope that readers will be inspired by the courage and perseverance of the early Americans. Before writing So Pure a Heart, I did a lot of studying on spying during the Revolution and was so astonished and awed-inspired by the incredible things that regular citizens did for the cause that I just knew I needed to write about them…while including a good bit of romance, too, of course. ;)

5. What do you want readers to take away from reading So Pure a Heart?
Oh, my…well, I know that every reader reads a book a little differently, even though they are reading the same words—but overall, I do hope people will (like I mentioned before) be inspired by the sacrifices people made for freedom.

6. When you are not writing, what other “caps” do you wear and what hobbies do you enjoy?
Fun!! I love talking about writing, but I love this question, too—life is full of exciting things! I love to teach—I do homeschool with my girls and I also teach songs to the children in my church group. 


Book Covers

​Creating a cover is probably one of the most exciting things about the writing process—for me anyway. It brings the story to life and is the first impression that potential readers will have, so it’s got to be good. I knew before my first book was released that I wanted to dress-up and be on the cover because finding good photography or art that depicts the colonial era is difficult. I started saving my money and after I had enough, I purchased a dress straight from Colonial Williamsburg because authenticity is important to me, and I knew I could trust it to be period correct.

One of my friends was willing to take some pictures and, oh, was I thrilled how they turned out! After that, I knew I wanted to be on every cover because the result was just what I’d hoped. At first I didn’t want to make public the fact that I was on the cover, but after a little encouragement from some fellow authors, I decided to make it known—and I’m so glad I did! It’s been a great thing to talk about with readers and I think they really enjoy it. At least I hope they do. ;)

Book four was no exception. I was really excited about this cover shoot because I knew I wanted to feature a hat with my costume—I love hats!! I had it specially made by a woman who owns an incredible Etsy shop and knows more about Colonial era clothing than anyone I’ve ever spoken with. The top I wore for this shoot was also from Colonial Williamsburg, actually, as was the purple apron. I knew from the get-go that it was going to be great, but once I saw the cover all put together…I was over the moon!

I feel so grateful to get to be part of such a fun, creative process and I hope to be able to do a few more in the future. <3 


Enter the giveaway HERE.


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June 26--Remembrancy | Heidi Reads...

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Two Suitors for Anna by Molly Morris Jebber



In 1903 Ohio, a young Amish woman must choose between the life she has long planned for and a new, very different future 
Since Anna Plank moved to Berlin, Ohio, with her widowed mamm and two schweschders, she s found a real sense of belonging. As soon as her beloved Noah Schwartz proposes, they ll begin a new chapter here together. But Noah has a surprise for Anna: once they re married, he wants them to travel and live in other communities. Anna, who loves her home and her job at the quilt shop, is distraught when he takes her hesitation as rejection and leaves. 
Daniel Bontrager s arrival adds to Anna s confusion. Since taking over his late brother s farm, the handsome roofer has offered friendship and gentle attentions. Yet the pull of first love is strong and deep, especially when Noah returns. Through each revelation, Anna must search her faith for guidance, knowing she is choosing not just a husband, but a life to nurture and to share. 


Today we will be traveling to Berlin, Ohio

I just love Molly's stories and best of this takes place in my home state of Ohio. 
Anna has a big big decision to make. 
I'm not totally sure if I was in her shoes 
what mine would be either.
I think there really shouldn't have been a decision. It was wrong of Anna to lead Daniel on like that. Really the answer was right in front of her the whole entire time!!!
I also thought it is wrong to try and change another person. God knows every hair on our head. He knows what we do before we even do it. 
Most of us are set in our ways including me lol! I don't like for someone to change the way I do things.
There are bullys in this world for sure and certain. Most often it starts in the home. I'm certain that this time wasn't the case. I think some people are just born mean.
As I was reading I enjoyed being a part of the Plank family. Growing up I was an only child and missed having siblings. (My son is fifth generation of only children) 
I enjoyed the family's banter with each other and felt I was a part of their family.
I loved how Daniel stood by Anna even through the hard times. Daniel is a charming man and always there for Anna and her family. I admire Daniel for many reasons. I would love to have him for a big brother. 
As Daniel says "Even the Amish have their share of problems in life like the Englishers do."
I love reading Amish stories because even though they try and stay separate from the world they do have their share of problems too! 
I recommend this book for people who love reading Amish stories. 
I received a complimentary copy and was in no way required to review this book.


Molly JebberI said to my loving husband, Ed, “I’ve always wanted to write a book. A story that readers would get lost in for a while.” He said, “Do it!” My daughter, Misty, brother, Mitch, and Mom, Sue said, “Take Ed’s advice, do it!” So I did. The road wasn’t easy, but the education, Amish research, and ride along the way to getting published taught me to take my favorite verse to heart.

“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:13 KJV

Why Amish Inspirational Romance? 
I love their dedication to serve God. I visited Amish Country in Ohio many times. They work hard and have such a close knit friendship with each other. It’s heartwarming and uplifting. At the same time, they face hardships and difficult problems just like we do.

God answered my prayers and gave me the best mentor, author, and friend, Patricia Campbell, to hone my skills. I’m blessed to have Dawn Dowdle as my agent, and John S. from Kensington as my editor. 

I’m thank for you, the reader, for being interested in my book! 

I’d love to hear from you.
Join my newsletter. Like my facebook author page, or send me an email. 

Weddings at Promise Lodge by Charlotte Hubbard



Founded by the three Bender sisters, the Amish community of Promise Lodge is thriving—and growing. In fact, residents are thrilled to welcome a charismatic new arrival—one who may not just strengthen their faith, but put it to the test . . .

When Christine Bender meets widowed Bishop Monroe Burkholder, it’s love at first sight. But Preacher Amos finds him too good to be true, and is determined to find out what’s behind his sudden, unannounced arrival. Still, the colony needs a new bishop, and everyone is excited to have a younger, more progressive leader. As for Christine, Monroe returns her affection, but her bubble is soon burst with the arrival of a young woman half his age . . .

Leola Duff claims Monroe “ruined” her and she now intends to make an honest man of him. But throughout the process of discovering the truth, Christine never doubts that Monroe is the fine man she believes him to be—and never wavers in her faith that all will work out as it should. And when Monroe is forced to confess the truth before the entire congregation, he can only pray that open hearts and minds will prevail, allowing him a future at Promise Lodge—with Christine . . .


Another fabulous read by one of my fave authors Charlotte Hubbard. 
I loved going back to Promise Lodge to see what my old friends were up to!! 
I had a few rough get gos and a few nice surprises as well.
I loved how the author brings new people in to stir up a hornets nest fo keep our friends on their toes.
Leola isnt quite right and thanks to our old friends they helped take care of her and befriended her. I did have to snicker at certain places in the story. 
Christinecertainly is a marvelous woman and handles everything that is thrown her way with gusto. 
Maria is another character that was introduced to us and being Rosetta she certainly put up a good front about everything.
I loved everything about this book. 
Charlotte added just the right dose of humor and entertainment as well.
I loved watching these people adjust to certain happenings and how Gid worked His magic charm.
For God knows our ans every step of our way and He is there everywhere!!! 
Will Rosetta and Truman be together for life and will Monroe and Christine have the perfect happiness for life?
You'll just have to read this wonderful book to see what happens!!!!
I recommend this book.
I received this book for free on Netgalley and all compensations are not received. All opionions ans words are my own!! 


Charlotte Hubbard
Drawing upon her experiences in Jamesport, the largest Old Order Amish community west of the Mississippi, longtime Missourian Charlotte Hubbard (a.k.a. Naomi King) writes of simpler times and a faith-based lifestyle in her new Seasons of the Heart series. Like her heroine, Miriam Lantz, Charlotte considers it her personal mission to feed people—to share hearth and home. Faith and family, farming and food preservation are hallmarks of her lifestyle, and the foundation of her earlier Angels of Mercy series. She’s a deacon, a dedicated church musician and choir member, and when she’s not writing, she loves to try new recipes, crochet, and sew. Charlotte now lives in Minnesota with her husband and their border collie.

The Songs that could have been by Amanda Wen

ABOUT THE BOOK Two couples in love. Two sets of impossible circumstances. One powerful God of grace. After a tailspin in her late teens, Lau...