Thursday, September 17, 2015

I've tried to make this picture fancy but alas, it didn't work.
I'm so very excited to have received this book from Roseanna White.
I loved this story! I feel like I have made some more new friends in Brook and Justin.
There is romance and mystery within.
If they were real life ppl I would most definitely want to meet them. I feel like they're the most exciting family there is.
Brook and Justin and Deirdre find themselves in trouble and must overcome their fears and learn to believe in themselves before everything will work out.
When I met Lord Pratt in the story, I had a feeling he was evil!  As the story unfolds I  knew I was right.
I almost felt sorry for him in a way. But trouble has a way of following ppl.
All he wanted was revenge for his father.
In my opinion he went about it the wrong way!
Manipulating ppl doesn't always get your way. I believe if you turn to God, and ask Him.
He may not always answer in the way u want. It may be in His will.
I love fast and exciting novels!
I felt a special connection to Brook as she went under changes from a nobody to a somebody. I can imagine how she felt as met her real family. I would've felt the same way.
I too was raised by a different family. I know I have 2 other sisters out there.
I would have love to met my real mom.
I was also impressed with Brooks faith.  She kept it throughout the story even though sometimes I know she felt that God wasn't there for her. I have often felt that way
It amazed me me how a parent knows that she was his child after not seeing her all those years.
I think that Deirdre would have gotten herself into a little trouble if she hadn't confessed on what she had done.
I don't think it was fair of Pratt to make someone do something they didn't want to do by threatening ones loved ones.
I'm so very glad that he got caught in the end! Nothing is worth to get into trouble for.
Justin is an ok guy. It just proves that he is human to! Guys are taught not to show their feeling because it isn't manly. I feel that is wrong! I applaud men with feelings.
After Justin is left alone by the death of his father and Grandfather he is confused, hurt and angry. I sometimes think he doesn't really know who he is either.
I gave this book a five star because I loved the action and mystery behind the story. I will reread this book again in the near future.  It is a good book one that u couldn't put down.
I don't know if I've mentioned this but Roseanna White is a new favorite author of mine. I love her writing style as it is different from other authors.
Thank you Roseanna for a wonderful read. Please keep the stories coming!  I'm definitely up for the next one!
This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review

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