Monday, September 28, 2015

Tonight was supposed to a blood red moon. Wow what a disappointment! !!!!
It was nothing like Google showed or what the scientists say.
I guess I caught a little bit of it because when I took the photo, red was showing up in my photo.
Cell phones just doesn't do well. But hopefully I got enough so that ppl could tell
 At least we got to see the whole eclipse.  God let us see the whole thing because starting out, the sky was very cloudy.
I wish I knew how to upload photos that I took tonight on here. The last Lunar eclipse until 2033. Hopefully my Lord Jesus will have returned take me home by then
 I also wish I knew how to tell you what the four blood moons mean in Bible prophecy.
The Lord said "look to the sun, moon and stars for I will be sending signs for Jesus's return.
The pope's visit here in the US means a few things in bible prophecy as well. He's pushing for Sunday rest and a few other things as well.
Friends, I can only tell you that it's going to be a rou b ride from here on out. I hope that you are right with my Lord Jesus Christ. I know I am are you?
I'm learning a lot of this from my friend. I'm hoping that I can attend a seminar called Revelation at church in the coming months.  I want to understand  much of what is going to happen.
Revelations is interesting to me. I'm not afraid only curious.
Well, goodnight friends!  Have to get up and go to work early in the morning!

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