Friday, June 8, 2018

Buried Secrets by Barbara Cameron



After her husband dies, Rose longs to be near her family—especially her twin sister, Lillian—so she packs up her young son and leaves their life in Ohio to move back to Paradise, Pennsylvania. 

Luke Miller is ready to settle down in Paradise. He soon forms a partnership with Rose to help farm her land. He finds that he’s enjoying the company of the quiet, modest widow and she may be just the woman he’s been waiting for. But is Rose hiding a secret beneath her reserved exterior—one that could keep her from having a future with Luke? 

And Rose isn’t the only one concealing something. Luke has a secret of his own, and it could threaten their partnership—and their chance at love.


I love love this book!! One of Barbara Cameron's best yet!! Delightful characters that are easy to make friends with and are able to rejoice and be there with!! 
This author has just the right style of writing to cry, laugh. She delivers wonderful messes through her novels and this one is no exception!
I always say that grief has no time plus you'll never really get over missing that person no matter where you land.
I still miss my mom and grandparents and it's been 20 some years or more. So I completely understand. 
Time does have a way of soothing hurt and God has a way of filling that void in you life if you let Him. 
In some ways, I think that we'd all be better off living like the Amish do. I love the idea of being in the world but not of it. I also like the way the community get together to help one another out in each person's time of need.
I do realize that Amish aren't perfect by no means. They have gossips like we do. 
Forgiveness is what I like as well. But, that doesn't mean that the person is actually forgiven on the inside. That takes time. Believe me, I understand that all too well. We are all a progress in the works.
I will say I wish I were a lot like Rose. Daniel is so sweet!! I want his energy!! 
Kids are special and I believe that Daniel was a blessing to Rose. Just like Michael was a huge blessing to me after my mom passed. 
I gave this book five stars because I enjoy Barbara Cameron's books and her writing style. I love getting into her stories right from the beginning and any fan of hers will burn midnight oil on this delicious Amish story!
I hope there will be another one in the future because I think Ruth and Luke and also Lillian still have a story to tell!! 


Barbara CameronCBD, CBA, and ECPA bestselling author of 24 books (including new series upcoming for Abingdon Press in 2011/2012) including fiction and non-fiction books for Abingdon Press, Thomas Nelson, Harlequin, and other publishers.

I sold three films to HBO/Cinemax and am the first winner of the Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Award.

My two novellas won the 2nd and 3rd place in the Inspirational Readers Choice Contest from the Faith, Love, and Hope chapter of RWA. Both were finalists for the novella category of the Carol Award of the American Christian Writers Award (ACFW). 

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