Monday, April 29, 2019

Where this Road Ends by Rebekah Colburn



Ella Mae Hutchins knows exactly what she wants from life. Getting it turns out to be much harder than she expects. She has only two dreams: to marry Daniel Evans and to become a successful novelist. When neither dream seems achievable, she sets out to build a life without either.

After all her efforts fail, Ella Mae returns to her hometown broken. Determined to start again, the last thing she expects is to encounter the man she blames for ruining her life.

Although age and suffering have changed them both, can she forgive Daniel for breaking her heart and is she brave enough to hope for a writing career in a time when female novelists are rare?


Patience is a virtue. But for Ella Mae and me it isn't. They always say good things comes to those who wait and sometimes it's true. There's always that 1 percent it's not.
I included myself with Ella Mae because when it comes to having patience and then sometimes disappointments it's very heartbreaking at the time. 
I loved how this story connected with Jeremiah's time. Stubborn old coot!
Stories are a part of our history. Or maybe skeletons I should say. They can be wonderful or hurtful.
My grandparents were funny storytellers and with each telling however; they tended to change but I still loved them. Just like Ruth and Ella Mae do. 
I enjoyed the story a lot. There are some things in there that remind me a lot of my growing up years.
Men can be so stubborn!! I really don't understand how they survive sometimes especially when what they really need is right in front of them the whole time!! (Like Daniel)
When God shuts one door don't keep banging on it!! Maybe it's for our own good or maybe He has something better for us!! 
This story makes me want to visit Maryland and see these places! I love history! 
This author has done an excellent job with these characters. They are well rounded out and I really love the supporting characters.
I love especially Ella Mae's parents. In certain ways they remind me of my mom's parents always ready to welcome you home.
I strongly recommend this book.
I received a copy of this book with no compensations received. All opinions are my own!!


Rebekah Colburn is an historical fiction/romance novelist. Her desire is to bring history to life with rich stories, compelling characters, and inspirational themes which will inspire and encourage her readers.
Rebekah Colburn
She lives on the Eastern Shore of Maryland with her teen-aged daughter, rambunctious dog, and five spoiled cats. To learn more about Rebekah, you can visit her website at

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