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Lulu's Cafe by T.i. Lowe



When a damaged young woman is given a chance to reclaim her life in a small South Carolina town, she must reckon with the dark secrets she left behind in order to accept the love she deserves.

On the run from a violent past, Leah Allen arrived in tiny Rivertown, South Carolina, battered and broken, but ready to reinvent herself. By a stroke of fate, Leah is drawn to the Southern hospitality of a small caf�, looking for a warm meal but finding so much more. Lulu, the owner, offers her a job, a place to stay and a new lease on life. Through Lulu's tenacious warmth and generosity, Leah quickly finds herself embraced by the quaint community as she tries to put herself back together. Given she's accustomed to cruelty, the kindness is overwhelming.

Soon Leah meets Crowley Mason, the most eligible bachelor in town. A lawyer and friend of Lulu's, Crowley is wary of Leah's sudden, mysterious arrival. Despite his reserve, something sparks between them that can't be denied. But after all she's been through, can Leah allow herself to truly love and be loved, especially when her first urge is to run?

Exploring the resiliency of both the heart and the spirit, Lulu's Caf� gorgeously illustrates how old scars can finally heal no matter how deep they seem.


This is a new author to me and I'm totally in love. I love love this book but I must say I was totally blown away as I've not read much about this subject. I feel like this could help another woman that is in this situation!! Well done T.I. !!
You have done an excellent job with this story and the characters.
Oh course we can leave out the grits and greens! Yuck!!! Even my husband says so!!
I'm so happy for Leah and by the way I love that name! It almost resembles my middle name Lee so I guess in a way you did use my name. I feel honored lol! But back to Leah I loved reading about her and how she changed for the better. 
But anyway, I loved the setting in which this story takes place. Beautiful!! 
Lulu is a wonderful person! I'd love to meet her in person ( I wish) because I'd love to get to know her. She's a kind, compassionate woman who loves to help others including Jessop ( snicker at some of the things he does until we learn his real story). You see, behind every person in this world there is a story. If we had a hundred Lulus' this world would be so much better off.
Then we have Crowley who's harboring secrets of his own as well. I love his personality. In some ways he reminds me of me. Always suspicious until you get to know someone because you don't know how they will act or if their true colors will come out. I totally "get" it.
I had fun reading this book because I felt like I was in the story flying right along with Leah and Crowley.
I cried in some places because in some places this story was very emotional. I had to put it down several times so that I could finish it.
I'm wondering how people could just do stuff to other people?
I do love the message the author has to offer though. There is hope at the end of a very long tunnel. Hope is everything. For some it is all we have left. Oh and I can't leave out Thankfulness for a loving God and a whole heap of wonderful Southern People!!
I received a complimentary copy of this book from Tyndale with no compensations received. All opinions are my own!!!
P.S. I highly recommend this book to everyone!! Y'all need to read this book and have some tissues on hand!!


T.I. LoweBestselling author T.I. Lowe sees herself as an ordinary country girl who loves to tell extraordinary stories. She knows she's just getting started and has many more stories to tell. A wife and mother and active in her church community, she resides in coastal South Carolina with her family.

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  1. This would be a new author to me but the book sounds fantastic! I love when we really get to "know" a character in a book. And yes, you may skip the grits and greens! I am southern born and do not like them either.
    Perrianne Askew


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