Thursday, June 23, 2022

When the Measows Bloom by Ann H. Gabhart


If any place on God's earth was designed to help one heal, it is Meadowland. Surely here, at her brother-in-law's Kentucky farm, Rose and her daughters can recover from the events of the recent past--the loss of her husband during the 1918 influenza epidemic, her struggle with tuberculosis that required a stay at a sanatorium, and her girls' experience in an orphanage during her illness. At Meadowland, past troubles become rich soil in which faith can grow.

Dirk Meadows may have opened his home to his late brother's widow and her girls, but he keeps his heart tightly closed. The roots of his pain run deep, and the evidence of it is written across his face. Badly scarred by a fire and abandoned by the woman he loved, Dirk fiercely guards his heart from being hurt again.

But it may be that his visitors will bring light back into his world and unlock the secret to true healing.

My Review 

I was very happy to receive this book and no I wasn't disappointed at all!
Gabhart is a wonderful author with awesome descriptions  of Kentucky that makes her stories special.
This story is my favorite and will be added to my collection of favorites. 
It's my favorite because of the sweet love that was within it's pages. Not overly done at all!
The beautiful messages especially about how the Lord can make the hardest of hearts soften. I really liked that one.
The one in Ecclesiastics is a gentle reminder that there is a time and place for everything. 
My heart ached for Dirk and everything he went through.  I found myself wanting to cry as his story unfolded for sad tears and happy ones too.
The girls stole my heart the most. I felt their fears, their joys and sometimes their sorrows too.
Gabhart writes a powerful story about forgiveness, love and trust but most of all forgiveness especially yourself. 
I love the way she uses Louisville as the backdrop for her story.  
There were definitely certain people in this book that I didn't like and I felt that she got what she deserved. 
This book seems like it is a version of Beauty and the Beast but it is my favorite version.  
I love this author's books because she leaves my heart feeling full and very satisfied.  
I love her Kentucky stories because that was once my home as well and I miss it but like Dirk I've moved on.  So, through her stories I get to go home again 
5 stars for a job well done!
My thanks for a copy of this book.  I was NOT required to write a positive review.  All opinions are my own.


Ann H. Gabhart started writing when she was ten and has been writing ever since. Her first published writings were personal experience pieces, youth stories, and poems in church periodicals such as HomeLife. Her first novel, a historical romance about the settling of Kentucky, was published by Warner Books in 1978. Since then, she's published numerous books for both adults and young adults. Ann lives on a farm in Kentucky not far from where she was born.




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