Tuesday, May 9, 2017

A Love So True by Melissa Jagears



Evelyn Wisely has a heart for the orphans of Teaville and works at a local mansion that rescues children out of the town's red-light district and gives them a place to live. But her desire to help isn't limited to orphans. The owner of the mansion, Nicholas Lowe, is willing to help her try to get the women working in prostitution out of the district as well--if she can gain the cooperation and support of local businessmen to go against the rest of the community. 
David Kingsman has recently arrived in Teaville from Kansas City to help with one of his father's companies in town. While he plans on staying only long enough to prove his business merit to his father, he's shown interest in Evelyn's work and is intrigued enough by her to lend his support to her cause. 
They begin with the best of intentions, but soon the complications pile up and Evelyn and David's dreams look more unattainable every day. When the revelation of a long-held secret creates a seemingly insurmountable rift between them, can they trust God still has a good plan for them despite all that is stacked against them? 


I give this book 5 stars because I thoroughly enjoyed it and I also enjoyed making new friends and a trip back to Teaville. 
David and Evelyn are two of the most hardheaded ppl I've ever met!!!
It's because of their stubbornness that they managed to get certain things done along with Carolines help.
I enjoyed this novel for many reasons. One I think is that the author enables the readers to lose themselves and make them forget where they are at the moment and our troubles in real life. 
Melissa is a very talented writer! I definitely love her writing style.
Evelyn is afraid to let ppl get to close to her. She is self conscious about certain things. Yet, she has a delightful personality once you get to know her. She's kind, compassionate and is always looking out for others below her station in life. I think we all could be like Evelyn.
David is just as determined to win. I like him as well too! 
He is just as determined to help the ppl of Teaville. A traight I just love in a man. David is my hero!!
David wants to break away from all he is familiar with but is unsure how to do it. I love him because of giving nature and compassion for orphan children namely Scott. 
I fell in love with Scott. I wish I had half of his energy!! I was rooting for him when something happened to him. He definitely had determination to want to work and save for the things he wanted out of life.
In a town as small as Teaville its hard to convince ppl for a change. Sometimes ppl find themselves in a position that is out of their control or sometimes they're just afraid to take that step. 
I'm glad that there are ppl like Evelyn and David along with Caroline to want to help ppl who want to change or are looking for a way out. 
Oh and we can't forget Lydia and Nicholas too!!! 
Nicholas is most generous man even though he didn't used to be!!
I think Lydia had a lot to do with that don't you?
I received a complimentary copy from the author and in no way was required to give a review

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