Monday, November 2, 2015

My review for After the Rain by Rita Gerlach

I'm very pleasantly surprised by this wonderful novel. 
The characters are so delightful and most of the hand of God is hard at work in these beloved people. 
I was sorry to say goodbye to my new friends after finishing it. 
Louisa is a sweet woman who didn't deserve to be treated as she was. I liked and admired Louisa for her quiet strength and determination and most of all her faith. It's this faith and belief that will bring Maximum the strength he needs to get through his trials and tribulations.  And there is definitely a surprise for Louisa towards the end of the story.  
Then there was Beatrice who thought only of herself.  She didn't care who she hurt or stepped on as long as she got her way. I felt sorry for her. I felt sorry for her because she didn't know Jesus or didn't  want to know him. I hope I don't become that old and bitter. I wonder whatever happened to her? 
Mr. Eastcott seemed like he was just like Beatrice.  No wonder they got on so well together. 
I'm so glad they disappeared when they did! !!
Maude and her sister made me crack up!
Two delightful elderly ladies who knew what they wanted in life and went  after it. Lol!
I think I would like to be more like them. Fun loving people.  
Jackson I thought was special so I saved him for last. How sweet to know you love someone at first sight!!!! I can picture him a great looking guy down to earth sort of fellow.  Very kind and thoughtful.  He was a man who thought of others before himself.  
I especially loved his sister Blossom. What an unusual name.  From reading about her you really couldn't tell there was anything wrong with her. I felt like she was just a normal child.  
When reading this book I actually felt like I was there. I love a book where I could disappear for awhile and nor have to worry about nothing  Rita is an awesome storyteller.  
I loved, loved it and I'm so looking forward to the next one. 
I do recommend this book to my friends and I will give this book a five star rating


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