Sunday, November 1, 2015

A Respectable Actress by Dorothy Love

I really enjoyed reading A Respectable Actress.  Dorothy Love is a wonderful and talented author.  I met Dorothy from reading The Hickory Ridge series a few years back.
I loved the book!  I wasn't disappointed that was for sure!!! I held my breath through most of it and sat on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen next.
The character I most admired was India. India was like the most curious and most determined person I have ever met. She never let anything get her down. Well for the most part she didn't.  
It's her curiosity that helps land her in trouble with Mrs. Catchpole. She goes snooping where she doesn't belong and when Mrs Catchpole catches her she goes off and tries to kill India.  Mrs. Catchpole doesn't like India from the beginning when Philip brings her to Indigo Point.
I guess u can say the same thing about Mrs. Catchpole is an accentric kind of lady who doesn't like change especially if it's up to no good sort of thing.  She was my least favorite person.
Phillip I have to feel sorry for in a way because he's in his own little world even while he's defending India to get her name cleared.
I admire the person who finally stepped forward and admitted that he done wrong and killed a man.  In doing so, he cleared india's name. But, we forget someone else but I won't mention her because it will spoil the story.  India does go on and gets to realize her dream thanks for a happy ending!
This book was given to me by Dorothy Love in exchange for am honest review. I would reread and recommend this for all of my friends.

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