Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Amish Firefighter


                       ABOUT THE BOOK

Abigail Stutzman thought it was bad enough being dropped at the nearest bus station and sent to live several states away with some relatives she'd never even heard of, much less met. But now, just a week after her arrival in Jamesport, Missouri, she finds herself at the scene of a barn fire. An intentional barn fire. And all fingers are pointed at her. She's desperate to prove her innocence and protect her reputation, but nobody's making that easy to do. And God certainly doesn't seem willing to help.

Sam Miller is in the process of turning over a new leaf. Determined to atone for the follies of his past, he is a volunteer firefighter, an EMT, and a paramedic-in-training. With suspicious barn fires escalating, and the Miller family being among the victims, no one is more determined to see the perpetrators brought to justice than Sam.

When their paths first cross at the site of a barn burning, the emotional intensity rivals the warms of the flames. Soon, they must decide whether this fire is one they should feed or fight. And they'll discover that the truth can prove more dangerous than a blazing inferno.

                        MY THOUGHTS

I couldn't put this book down!! I love Laura Hilton's books. I was hoping that Laura would write about Sammy. Sammy was the trouble maker in the Birdhouse. I loved Sammy's story. 

It seems God still works miracles today even. 
I laughed and I held my breath waiting to see what would happen to Abigail who was constantly getting blamed for everything that happened. I think It is terrible the way her family has treated her but maybe God has led her to live with her family in Jamesport for a reason. Abigail isn't perfect by any means. She is confused and unhappy and winds up in the wrong places at the wrong time and with the wrong crowd. This is what happened to my brother in law. He got mixed up in the wrong crowd. Thankfully, he has finally straightened himself put.  We all need God. He knows every hair on our head out thoughts even before we know ourselves sometimes. 
God has many names but one I haven't seen is de herr. I've heard Yaway,  Jehovah etc. 
Sammy is learning to grow up and admit his mistakes through trust in God. 
Too many times we want to do things our way instead of His will on His timing. We get in a big hurry and I'm definitely guilty of this and mess things up. 
My very favorite verse is That who so ever believes in me shall have eternal life. 
This means me too!!! I'm so very glad that Jesus loves me no matter what!! 
Whenever we turn to God in prayer sometimes He answers our prayers but not always in the way we want.
I'm glad that Abigail and Sammy got their answers. 
Also on short note people don't always apologize Whenever they do wrong to us or vise versa.
Laura, you've outdone yourself on this novel. The cover is awesome!! Thank you for letting me read and review your book. 
I have this book 5 stars because the story made me laugh and cry and even stunned in some places!! Abigail is an OK gal!!! 
I kept my fingers crossed for her through the entire book.
It seems to me, that if you keep your faith and trust in God that things do have a way of working out.
I recieved a copy of this book  from Laura V Hilton in exchange for an honest review
I strongly recommend this book for everyone who loves to read!!!

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