Saturday, March 19, 2016

A Treasure Concealed by Tracie Peterson

26266298Come to the wilds of Montana and meet Emily Carver and her mother Nyola and Henry Carver.

I loved this book and felt like I was there with the Carvers and their friends. I could actually hear the river gurgling as it ran by the Carvers' claim. I could see the trees and imagine anything else that was there.
Emily is a giver. She is also a caretaker. I loved this about her on both accounts. Little by little her faith has also been growing especially since her mother passed on. It will take every ounce of faith throughout the story that she has.
There are bad men everywhere even back in Emily's time. They want what everyone else has been working hard for. They especially like to pick on Henry Carver. They thought they could run him out but they were in for a surprise!!! Mr. Singleton is definitely one that loves to take from people.
Caeden is my hero in more ways than one!! Caeden is a geologist who was sent by Washington to study the area and the land. Washington wanted to know more about this area.  He is also a giver!! I was surprised by this because usually most men are takers. I've always imagined him tall, dark and handsome!!!
I'm so glad that Caeden didn't turn out like his parents like he was afraid that he would. I think he turned out just fine with God's help and a lot of determination.  I believe that God sent Caeden to watch out for the Carvers especially Emily.  There are also children who grow up without parents who turn out to be alright too.
Nyola  is sort of my favorite character. I loved the insight that she has!! It's like she knows the future and what is going to happen before it does. I didn't like the way she died though. I can't imagine the horrible way she died. NO one deserves that!!!
Then we have Mr. Arnold and his daughter Catherine. I didn't like him but Catherine was ok. I didn't like Mr. Arnold because he was all bluster and liked to spend money that wasn't there.
Catherine didn't want to marry Caeden at all because she didn't love him.  She loved someone else something her father didn't understand.
See, back then all the rich and well to do families wanted to marry their children to a prospective family so that their own families could do well in times of trouble. Catherine didn't want to be a part of this. Mr. Arnold didn't want to listen. People like him have to learn the hard way!!!
Jake is a pretty cool guy too. I love how he watches out for Emily and her father while Caeden is gone to do what he has to do.
This book is action packed and full of entertainment.  It's like watching a western movie on TV!! Only better!!
This book was given in exchange for an honest review from Bethany House publishers

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