Friday, December 9, 2016

Bad Day for A Bombshell by Cindy Vincent




December 5th, 1941. Houston socialite, Tracy Truworth, is always on the lookout for something suspicious. Especially after growing up with her nose in the latest Katie McClue mystery novel, a series featuring a twenty-something female detective and her constant feats of derring-do. And for Tracy, escaping reality through reading couldn't come at a better time, since her own life isn't exactly going along like she'd hoped. Not with her overbearing mother determined to see Tracy marry Michael -- a lawyer likely to be a U.S. Senator someday -- in a wedding rivaling royalty. Yet everything changes for Tracy when she spots a bleach-blonde bombshell on the train home from Dallas after a shopping trip to Neiman-Marcus. Because something certainly seems amiss with the blonde, given the way she covertly tries to snare men into her lair, and considering the way she suddenly ceases all flirtations when a Humphrey Bogart look-alike appears . . . complete with a mysterious package wrapped up in newspaper and twine. 

Then days later, Japan bombs Pearl Harbor, and just a few days after that, Germany declares war against the U.S. Rightly so, President Roosevelt returns the favor. Of course, Tracy immediately finds herself caught up in the War, just like the rest of the nation. But it's her curiosity that leads her on a collision course with a killer, and she arrives at the bombshell's apartment only moments after the blonde has been murdered. Though Tracy is accused of the crime at first, she quickly finds herself working as an Apprentice P.I., under the tutelage of a real private investigator. Soon, they're hot on the trail of the bombshell's murderer. Then from singing at the hottest nightclub around, to a car chase in her 1940 Packard, Tracy's investigation takes her far from her blue-blood upbringing. And it isn't long before she finds the War is hitting a lot closer to home than she ever imagined . . . and danger isn't much farther than her doorstep


What a fun and interesting read! certainly different from what I'm used to reading. 

I like Tracy Truworth. She's an interesting character. She loves adventure and it always seems to find her!!!
I love her personality. She can make friends and enemies no matter where she goes! Mostly makes friends and unexpectedly finds one when she needs it most!!
I kind of thought Michael didn't measure up. He's always making excuses as to why he couldn't see Tracy. I don't blame Tracy for what she did or in this case both did. It was her mother that wanted the marriage. Her mother is a high socialite. In so very many ways, Tracy felt like she never measures in her mother's opinions. in other words, her mother isn't very nice. I thought she was kind of mean and selfish. She wasn't interested in Tracys well being only herself. 
The blonde bombshell turns out to be nothing but trouble with a capital T! Shame on her but no one deserves what she got. 
Let's just say that you reap what you sew. 
I laughed until I cried in some places as Tracy tried to find her way out of some messes lol! wrong place at the wrong time!! However; some good did come out of it. She landed her first paying job. 
I guess it came from reading all those Katie McClure mysteries. After all, Katie Mcclue was Tracys heroine. 
I enjoyed this book because it had some ups and downs of our everyday life and the author has managed to bring them to life quite explicitly! 
I also love her writing style!!! She brings humor in just all the right places. I also like how she put a some mystery in the story to keep it interesting. 
I definitely was kept on the edge of my seat. 
This happens to me quite often. 
I enjoyed the backdrop of the story. I felt like I was there when Pearl Harbor got bombed. It is what drew America into the 2nd ww. (My grandfather served in that war)
I cried when that happened.
I liked Sammy immediately. I knew he wasn't a dangerous man. I thought he was interesting and a pretty special guy.



Cindy Vincent, M.A. Ed., is the award-winning author of the Buckley and Bogey Cat Detective Capers, a mystery series for kids and cat-lovers that features the adventures of two black cat detectives.  And yes, as she is often asked, Cindy used her own black cats, Buckley and Bogey, as the inspiration for the series, since they seem to run surveillance on her house each and every night.  Cindy is also the creator of the Mysteries by Vincent murder mystery party games and the Daisy Diamond Detective Series games for girls, along with the Daisy Diamond Detective novels, which are a spin-off from the games.  She lives in Houston, TX with her husband and an assortment of fantastic felines.  Cindy is a self-professed “Christmas-a-holic,” and usually starts planning and preparing in March for her ever-expanding, “extreme” Christmas lights display every year . . . She is also looking forward to the release of the first book in her new Tracy Truworth, Apprentice P.I., 1940s Homefront Mystery series,  which is due out in the Fall of 2016.  ​



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    1. Thank you so much, Lori, for your very heartfelt review. I especially loved all your commentary about the characters -- you really saw them just as I had hoped! So nice for any author to see. :) And it was wonderful to learn that your grandfather had served in WWII -- you must have been very proud of him. I was amazed to learn just how many people had selflessly signed up to serve in that war, without regard to their own well-being. Such a generation!

      Also, the State of Kentucky still holds many dear memories for me -- I went to grade school in Ft. Mitchell, and had fantastic teachers. They were the ones who truly encouraged me to write, and I'll never forget them!

      Thanks again, and I hope you and yours have a very Merry Christmas!

      Cindy Vincent

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