Wednesday, August 23, 2017

On Grounds of Honor by Rebekah Colburn



On Maryland’s Eastern Shore, the division of the Civil War is an inescapable reality for many households. For the Turner brothers, it means choosing politics over blood. Although his younger brother goes south to join the Rebels, Jeremiah feels honor-bound to defend the Stars and Stripes even at the risk of meeting Charlie on the battlefield and facing a deeper conflict of loyalties. His wife, Clara, is left behind at Laurel Hill to manage the farm with her father-in-law and his slaves. As the country is torn apart by opposing forces from within, Clara must find the strength to live in a world of uncertainty and change. 

What began as an act of patriotic loyalty for Jeremiah will become a test of character and courage. And as the death toll climbs into the thousands, Clara clings to the desperate hope that her husband will come back to her alive. Before it ends, the war will take far more than they could have anticipated. But in the wake of its destruction, Jeremiah and Clara will learn that sometimes victory can only come through surrender. 


This too is a new author for me. I loved how she writes with precision and accuracy. She also adds fact with fiction and has done her research very well!!
I learned a lot from this novel and there were some favorite quotes and Bible verses that were some of my favorites. 
One is "Peace I leave you Peace I give you". I know this isn't all of the verse but it is what stands out to me the most.
War is ugly but there are things to be learned of it. The world will never be peaceful as long as there are proud men or women too ornery to stand down which brings Pride goeth before a fall or something like that. 
I wanted to read this bc the Civil war is one of my favorite eras of history. 
Forgiveness is also a big part of this story. If you can't forgive yourself or others then you become angry and bitter.
I enjoyed this story so much and thank you Rebekah. I feel very blessed that you have let read and review your book.
I'm ready for book 2! 
I wish I could give this book at 12 star rating. 
I received this complementary copy from the author and in no way required to review this book 


Rebekah Colburn

Rebekah Colburn is the author of the Historical Fiction Series, “Of Wind and Sky.” 

Her desire is to bring history to life with rich stories, compelling characters and inspirational themes which will inspire and encourage her readers.

In 2001 she obtained a B.A. in Biblical Studies from Washington Bible College. Rebekah loves being outdoors and enjoys mountain biking, cycling, and cruising the local waterways with her husband on his jet ski. 

She lives in historic Centreville on the Eastern Shore of Maryland with her husband, teen-aged daughter, two rambunctious dogs, two spoiled cats and a whole lot of chaos.

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