Saturday, January 26, 2019

Discovery by Sherry A. Burton



While most use their summer breaks for pleasure, third grade teacher Cindy Moore is using her summer vacation to tie up some loose ends concerning her grandmother’s estate. When Cindy enters the storage unit that holds her grandmother’s belongings, she is merely looking for items she can sell to recoup some of the rental fees she’s spent paying for the unit. Instead, what she finds are secrets her grandmother has taken to the grave with her. The more Cindy uncovers, the more she wants to know. Why was her grandmother abandoned by her own mother? Why hadn’t she told Cindy she’d lived in an orphanage? And how come her grandmother never mentioned she’d made history as one of the children who rode the Orphan Trains? Join Cindy as she uncovers her grandmother’s hidden past and discovers the life that stole her grandmother’s love.


Oh my!! There is one thing that I can relate to in this beautiful story and that is adoption.
Adoption is a beautiful thing. I'm not ashamed of who I am or who raised me. To me those are my real parents!
I loved this story because
1 it was different than what I am used to reading. I felt like I was looking at Michigan back then through the eyes of a young girl who was amazed at everything she saw while on the train.
2. What a wonderful time to be loving in as we saw all of the different things being invented!! How must it feel to be riding in your very first motor car or seeing something new for the first time.
3. It was a sad kind of story too.
It wasn't anyone's but her fault for losing out on so many things!! People are meant to be loved! Not taken for granted. But yet, at the same time I understood.
4. I had a grandma too. When she passed at first I had an extremely hard time going through her things. She had many interesting stuff and so did my grandfather. I miss my grandparents. The stories they could tell!! Too bad they weren't written down!! 
Grandparents are a cool thing to have!! Even though I was adopted I still loved them and they loved me.
I loved that my grandparents also lived during the dust bowl years even though they didn't really tell that story.
Oh and just for the record you'd better have some tissues next to you. I sniffled some and snickered as well.
I stayed up most of the night to finish this book because it was so good!! And best of all it's a very clean read!!
I can't wait for y'all to read this cool book!!
I received a copy from Netgalley and no compensation were received. All opinions are my own!!
A definite 5 or more stars for sure!!


Sherry A. BurtonSherry A. Burton was born in Kentucky and married a Navy man at the age of eighteen. She and her husband have three children and seven grandchildren. After moving around the country, and living in nine different states, Sherry and her husband retired to Michigan's thumb, where they had previously spent fourteen years. 
Sherry writes full time and is currently hard at work on the second installment of her planned eighteen-book Orphan Train Saga. 

When Sherry is not writing, she enjoys traveling to lectures and signing events, where she shares her books and speaks about the Orphan Train

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