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Reconciliation by Susan Lantz



Winter in Southern Maryland's Amish country brings brisk winds, crisp snow, and evenings spent nestled by a warm fireside. For one prodigal daughter, it may also bring a new beginning . . . 

On her baptismal day, Rebecca Zook ran from the church, leaving her stunned Amish community behind. She only wanted to see something of Gott's vast world, but city life didn't turn out as planned. Tricked into a sham marriage, Becky has come home humbled, wiser . . . and pregnant. Her mamm and daed are welcoming, and helping an overburdened young widow gives Becky a new sense of purpose. But after creating such scandal, Becky feels unworthy of a loving husband--let alone a wunderbaar man like Atlee Stauffer.

Atlee knows Becky's situation--and understands why his mother advises him to be careful. Still, this once flighty, flirty girl has become a thoughtful, kind young woman. He's drawn to Becky like a magnet to a nail. One day, he hopes to build a family with her. But first, he must convince her wary, troubled heart to accept forgiveness and love 


For by Grace we are saved. Isn't that wonderful! I sure think so! What a wonderful message in this book.
For Becky Zook this was a hard lesson for her to understand. But really not so hard. She just had to open her heart. I feel that I am a lot like her. Too stubborn for my own good at times. I'm too proud to ask for help or I can do it myself. Becky thought she didn't need anyone's help because she made too many mistakes or wasn't good enough. Those are my thoughts as well at times.
Bless Atlee. He is such a good man. His Faith and patience are much stronger than mine and Becky's. Atlee stuck by Becky and never gave up on her. Now that is what I call a very determined man!!
Fear is our biggest enemy. I have this a lot. Fear is what keeps us from moving on. Just what Satan wants us to do. 
I'm glad that Becky was finally able to let go and trust God's judgement and ways. Just learn to trust and believe and then will surely fall into place.
Lena was a wonderful supporting character. She was just what Becky needed. I would love to have her for a big sister myself. Someone that I can tell things to that won't go blabbing to others. 
I'd like to shake Fannie until her test rattles. She reminds me of someone at my work. 
I received a copy of this book from Netgalley. No compensations were received and all opinions are my honest opinion.
I recommend this book very strongly


Susan Lantz Simpson has been writing stories and poetry ever since she penned her first poem at the age of six. She has always loved the magic of words and how they can entertain and enlighten others. Her love of words led her to earn a degree in English/Education from St. Mary’s College of Maryland in St. Mary’s City, Maryland. She has taught students from pre-kindergarten to high school and has also worked as an editor for the federal government. She also holds a degree in nursing from the University of Maryland at Baltimore and has worked in hospitals and in community health. She writes inspirational stories of love and faith and has published a middle grade novel (Ginger and the Bully). She lives in Southern Maryland and is the mother of two wonderful daughters. She’s also a member of ACFW. When not writing, she enjoys reading, walking, and doing needlework.

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