Thursday, February 27, 2020

Cottage at the Beach by Lee Tobin McClain

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Escape to the Chesapeake Bay, where beach life is full of love, surprises and second chances…

When an injury forces K-9 officer Trey Harrison onto the sidelines, his only thought is getting back to the police force where he belongs. And he’ll do anything to make that happen—even volunteer in a small waterfront community, just to please his boss. But no one ever said Trey had to enjoy it…

Since the surgery that destroyed her dreams of having children, schoolteacher Erica Rowe has grown even more dedicated to her work with at-risk teens. So she doesn't need some cop with a chip on his shoulder putting the program's future in jeopardy. But when Trey finally connects with the students, Erica's heart melts. And when, in a tender moment, he admits he longs to have children, her heart breaks. She's convinced he'd be better off with someone who can give him everything, but she can't seem to shake the hope that maybe love is enough…


McClain has once again given us a wonderful story.
I love the way she writes and is able to draw us into her story with a injured cop, a hurting woman, and some
teen kids that really needed a second chance in life.
I especially loved Erica's dog Ziggy! Oh my, such a handsome dog too! I wish that I could've had all of his energy!
This is my favorite place to be is on the beach! Don't you love the sound of the waves to relax you and sing you to sleep at times? I know I do!
She makes me want to go there now! I wish I could however: I can't at the moment so this lovely book will do.
McC;lain has described some of the scenes in the book that I felt like I was really there!
I think Erica is a wonderful character. I love how the author shows that she is human and that she feels that she needs to be the one in control. She is the one who holds everything together or so it seems.
There were times that I wanted to reach in through the book and just give her a hug to remind her that someone does care.
God does care. He loves us unconditionally and He asks us to lay our burdens at His feet. I know it's hard to do but it can be done. This is where trust comes in. Trust is such a fragile thing.
But what we choose to do with it it's up to us. God is good that way. He leaves it up to us to come to Him.
I'm so glad that I have Him in my life. I don't know where I'd be without him.
Trey and King were a couple of awesome characters too. I loved watching Trey come around so to speak.
A lot of the time attitudes doesn't get us anywhere in which Trey found that out the hard way.
I enjoyed reading about Trey trying to just get through life the way he knows how.
I was rooting for him because I knew he could do it.
It's not up to us where we end up at times. It's where we were meant to be and where God places us where He feels that is best for us even though we don't see it at first and then after awhile, I smiled with joy when Trey realizes that is where he's meant to be.
I did feel that there were two different stories going on here and at times it left me feeling confused as to what was going on. It kept going back and forth between Trey and Erica and then Julie and her grand kids.
Here is where I can relate to Julie in trying to connect with my teen. It's hard believe me.
I feel like sometimes the only way that we can connect with each other is through our music. I'm so glad that he took right off with that. . I'm blessed that he is a good young man now.
The thing that I felt most important was that I felt God working throughout the story from the author's heart. I could tell she enjoys writing these stories for us readers.
I do like how she deals with some tough subjects in real life and doesn't beat around the bush about it.
Forgiveness was the most important part of this story.
I just wanted to mention that the supporting characters were wonderful too. Especially the dogs!
They are the real heroes!
I will be looking for more from Lee in the future! Her books are so inspirational and wonderful at the same time.
I'm feeling blessed that I got to read this wonderful story by Lee. I think what makes her stories so great is that she writes from her heart and with Jesus at the wheel to guide her along.
I wish I could give this book more than 5 stars because the cove will make you want to jump into it and sweep you away with the story that's inside.
My thanks to the author/Netgalley for a complimentary copy of this book.
was NOT required to write a positive review and all opinions are my own.

Lee Tobin McClain


USA Today bestselling author Lee Tobin McClain watched Dr. Zhivago way too young and developed a lifelong passion for angsty romance. Her emotional love stories deal with life's tough challenges, but they also include heartwarming communities, kids, and happy endings. And dogs! Lots and lots of dogs. When she's not writing, she's probably facetiming with her college-student daughter, mediating battles between her goofy goldendoodle and her rescue cat, or teaching aspiring writers in Seton Hill University's MFA program. She is probably not cleaning her house. For more about Lee, visit her website at

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