Monday, July 27, 2020

Life in Daytona Beach, Florida ( Our Dogs) July 27, 2020

This is how I really feel about this place;

1: We have dogs. No, they're really not mine but my friend's. I wish she'd get rid of them truly because in our situation, we really don't need them. Please pray that my friend decides to give them up. Otherwise; I have a feeling we'll be on the streets forever because of them.

2: They're hot and miserable. Being in a cage all the time or most of the time isn't fun that much I know even though we do have food and water for them. Yes, they're are good watch dogs in case someone comes up on us that we don't hear them but other than that well, let's just say they're a hindrance. 
No motel or hotel hardly accepts pets. None. Then when they do, they want to charge for them as people. Can you believe it? I've never heard of such! Dogs are animals not people! Florida is weird.
My friend knows she is sick but she won't go to the hospital. That stubborn Kentucky pride if you ask me. My husband is the same way. He won't go either. He'd rather sit around and complain rather than do something about it. Me I say oh just forget it and go so I can feel better. 
But anyway, back to the dogs. I wish she'd get it in her head to get rid of them. We'd have much  better luck in getting a place and then later on maybe we can get another dog ( but I'd rather not. I'd get attached to that one too.)
Logan and Mazy are two of the friendliest dogs you'd ever want to meet which is why I'd hate to see them go. But in my heart of hearts I know they'd be better off. I just wish my friend would see that. 
Mazy is expecting pups and that we certainly don't need! We just got rid of a bunch! Goodness!
The dogs are min pin. They are so beautiful and well mannered. Oh, they get in their heads not to mind but then aren't dogs like children at times? Of course they are which is why we love them.
Here are Logan and Mazy:

Logan and Mazy

Don't you just love that one ear up and the other one down? It's what makes Logan special in my opinion. Oh and when you sneak up on him he jumps up like a deer. He jumps high too! I've never met a dog like that.

The mother of Mazy was hit and run over about a week ago. The person that did it didn't even stop just kept right on going. I wonder if they even have a conscience? Probably not which is why they didn't stop. Ridgewood Ave here in Daytona is much like Nicholasville Rd. Busy, busy busy. That street never sleeps. 

Here's Allie:

This is Allie the mother of Mazy. She was the best one of the three dogs if you ask me. I miss her very much. How she got lose was that she sat there and chewed through her leash. I  guess my friend wasn't watching her. I'm so sad. Losing a pet isn't easy. 

Being homeless and in the streets we defiantly don't need these dogs but yet when we were in Kentucky I'd see quite a few people that have pets. Here in Florida I've seen only one person with a dog and that was only one dog. Says they got evicted from their home because of asbestos. Not sure if that is true or not. 
I've met quite a few homeless and each has an interesting story to tell. But that is a story for another day lol. 
Mazy is a mama's girl. She loves cuddling up to no one but her human mama. I nick named her Snoot dog because in a way she really is snooty. 
Logan takes a while to warm up to you. He's the one that I told you jumps like a reindeer. It's so cute to watch him do it. 
He has no tail. My friend that got him, said " the man I got him from docked his tail." " He also shot bb's at the dogs to make them mind." What kind of person does that? Too bad we couldn't get the man for mistreating the pups. But that was almost two years ago. Logan will be 2 in Nov. 
Logan loves to sleep with you. He's a snuggle bug. It's why he's my favorite of the two that's left. 

Well, that is all for now folks. Will write more later 

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