Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Survival from Isaias August 2, 2020

If there's one thing I learned while here in Florida it's you don't play when mother nature is at her worst. 
On Sunday night we were sleeping outside ( living on the streets of course) when Isaias came through. Thank God it was only a tropical storm. I couldn't imagine what it might be like living outside during an actual hurricane. I really don't want to find out! 
God is good! He really is! 
I think that He protected us during the storm with His arms around us. It's like that story with Peter walking on the water toward Jesus during the storm. But, Peter took his eyes off Jesus and started to sink. I kept my eyes on the Lord and asked Him to keep us safe and here we are. 
Butt hole police officers down here in Daytona doesn't mind putting you out in the middle of the storm. Not at all! Makes me disrespect cops more and more! Unbelievable! 
See, we were sleeping under the gazebo in a dog park taking shelter from the coming storm but I guess everyone else has other ideas. 
I believe it now when they say there's neighborhood watchdogs in the area.  I really don't understand that because we weren't bothering no one. That man stood there and watched us for at least several hours before calling the cops. And let me tell you they believe in the witching hour too! Catch you dead asleep Wow! 
The sad thing is they didn't tell us the shelters were open and no one here came looking for us. Said they weren't allowed to tell us anything. I know that's bull! 
In Lexington they would have come looking for us. Here they don't. So sad! Sucks here really does!
But my God came through for me. He led us to something better and the cops didn't bother us the rest of the night.
Maybe in time I will come to love this city but right now it's highly unlikely. 
Maybe it's the times we're living in with this awful virus I don't know but people just aren't the same anymore. It's like they're scared and don't trust each other. It's sad really but if you remember what Paul talks about in the Bible toward the end times it's that men will be lovers of themselves disrespectful of others and a whole lot of other things too. But that's another story for another day. 
Folks, we are living in the end times now. Please be prepared because you know not what the day, hour, or time that Jesus will return. Don't be caught sleeping! 
I will be keeping a journal every other day on here telling of what we've been up to and how Florida is. For me, nothing is going right right now. 
Well folks, gotta go for now. Remember to keep your eyes open for Jesus. He's coming soon! and I'll be glad! I'm ready to go home! 

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