Monday, August 15, 2016

My son

Well, another summer has come and gone! My, where do the time fly too?
It seems like I ask myself this every year my son gets another year older. I'm having a very hard time because when I turn around one more time, we will be ready for graduation.
Yep, I've said Graduation and then it'll be empty nest syndrome. Not really looking forward for that day.
Sometimes, I feel like I will be the oldest Mom there.  But, I'm so proud of my baby!!! He's become a wonderful young man that I love so very much! I've had lots of help in raising him because when he was growing up, we weren't financially able to do it for some years. It has gotten better but, I feel he's settled in and I love the school system in Clark Co. so I don't see the need to upset him now.

We have had a great summer this year! Because Kevin was able to get a good job we were able to move into a house and get a car. We have gotten to travel to quite a few places like, Renfro Valley, Cumberland Falls etc. When we went to the falls I was disappointed in some ways! The river was running really high where they'd had a lot of rain and we couldn't see the Moonbow. I've always wanted to see that. That would be a fabulous site!!

I also got to see my best friend that I haven't seen in ages! She and I had a girls day out. We went out to eat at Olive Garden and then went to see Star Trek and Beyond where it mentions that Commander Spock had passed away (which he did in real life). We took photos in the photo booth that was there at the movies and we just giggled and laughed until we cried. I figured the Lord knew that we needed a day like this one. It relieved my stress in more ways than one.
Thank you God, for a very wonderful afternoon. God you are a wonderful creator and a loving father much more than my earthly Father has been .

I wonder what this school year will bring for my baby. In one of his classes he has college prep. He'll get to see the different colleges and maybe he'll decide to go to one of those. I pray he has a safe school year and will have lots and lots of fun! Maybe he'll even get to go on one of those school trip like he did last March when he went to Washington D.C.
He says he really did enjoy that trip! One of his favorite things was the subway.
He's also in Orchestra again this year which pleases me immensely because he will be 3rd generation of orchestra players in my family! I think that  my mom would've been proud of him also, as he is her only grandson had she lived. Michael is 5th generation of only children on my mom's side of the family!

Here are some family photos that were taken this summer

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