Thursday, November 16, 2017

Rescued Hearts by Hope Toler Dougherty

Rescued Hearts


Children’s clothing designer Mary Wade Kimball’s soft spot for animals leads to a hostage situation when she spots a briar- entangled kitten in front of an abandoned house. Beaten, bound, and gagged by the two thugs inside, Mary Wade loses hope for escape when a third villain returns with supplies. 

Discovering the kidnapped woman ratchets the complications for undercover agent Brett Davis. Weighing the difference of ruining his three months’ investigation against the woman’s safety, Brett forsakes his mission and helps her escape, the bent-on-revenge brutes following behind. 

When Mary Wade’s safety is threatened once more, Brett rescues her again. This time, her personal safety isn’t the only thing in jeopardy. Her heart is endangered as well.


I had a hard time getting into this book.
I have no idea why I really tried to finish it but alas I could not.
I did find that for some reason Mary Wade got on my nerves. I just couldn't pin point why. 
Brett is an ok character. Except that for some reason I couldn't understand why he did what he did. 
I did like the suspense, action and adventure the author weaved into the story. 
For some that like these kinds of adventure, mystery this book will keep you turning the pages.


Before writing novels, Hope Toler Dougherty published non-fiction articles on topics ranging from gardening with children and environmental awareness to writing apprehension. A native North Carolinian, she likes cheering with her husband, Kevin, for the Pittsburgh Steelers, ACC basketball, and Army West Point Football. 
Hope Toler Dougherty
Things that make her happy include her four children, writing and receiving real mail, cooking, reading, books, book stores, book clubs, used book sales, libraries, crocheting, and traveling. Things that make her sad include washing dishes, de-cluttering, dusting, sweeping, mopping...

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