Thursday, January 9, 2020

The Dressmaker's Secret by Kellyn Roth


This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B01AF700LG.

If they knew who she was, they’d never accept what she’s become.

Claire will stop at nothing to provide for her daughters. An unwed mother, she does everything possible to raise them whilst avoiding her scandalous past. Some secrets are best kept, even between mother and daughter.

Alice longs for a father, especially if that means her mother will be happy. She takes matters into her own hands—but she never expected what she finds.

Despite her efforts to shelter her daughters, Claire’s ghosts rise up to haunt her, and any semblance of control over her life vanishes. If her secrets are uncovered, what will become of her family?


I think what I liked best were the scripture messages that were woven thorough this book. 
But the best one I liked is how this young author has pointed out to not let anyone steel your joy no matter what your circumstances may be or have become.
For if you let them steal your joy then that means they've won or I should say that Satan has won. And I don't know about you, but I really don't want him to win! No siree!!
And the thing I also like best about this book is that no matter what secrets you have kept past, present, or future God still loves us. He always has and He always will. 
I loved the characters! Especially curious Alice. Bold one for her age and the times that she lives in. She doesn't let anything stand in her way. And the questions! oh my!
Claire is a good mother to Ivy and Alice. I appreciate that she will go above and beyond for her children. Claire's views on life pretty much met my expectations because I've lost people that are dear to me and for a long time I stayed angry at God. 
I couldn't tell you what made me realize that it didn't do any good to get mad at Him because He can give and take away. We have no control over that.
Grief has no abound or time limit. It's however long we decide to make it.
Philip sort of gave me some mixed vibes. I think it was because of what Claire did and said.
Nettie is my favorite character. I love her because of her stout Faith. Her determination to do what is right.
I liked that she prayed constantly for whoever crossed her path and her forgiveness to other people. I even found myself praying for Nettie as well. No one ever deserves  to be knocked down.
That in itself isn't easy. Believe me, I know. 
I enjoyed this book very much and I highly recommend it. 
This story won't let you put it down until you are finished. Plus, you'll find yourself thinking about Alice, Ivy Claire and Philip long after their story is done! 
My thanks to the author for complimentary copy of this book. 

I was not required to write a review and all opinions are my own.


Kellyn RothKellyn Roth has been writing stories since she was seven, though she wrote quite a few (awful) poems and songs before that. Nowadays, she pens Christian & Historical Fiction, including lots of adorable children and mischievous animals - as well as a generous dose of BBC-style drama.

Miss Roth lives in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge with her parents, two little brothers, crazy border collies, annoying but lovable cat, and assorted cows and chickens. She is a homeschooled highschooler who spends her non-writing, non-reading time blogging, riding horses, attempting clarinet and saxophone, and pretending she has other hobbies besides writing.



  1. Hi! I enjoyed your review and this looks like a great read. I can't figure out how to wnter the giveaway, though. Did I miss a link or instructions somewhere?

  2. Wow! This sounds like a great read. Thank you for sharing your wonderful review.


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