Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Silent Shadows by Natalie Walters



Pecca Gallegos moved to the tiny town of Walton, Georgia, to protect her son and escape the dangerous lifestyle that once defined her. When a series of strange circumstances evolve into threats, Pecca finds herself confiding in an unlikely ally--her stubborn patient

Army veteran Colton Crawford is desperate to recover from the undiagnosed disorder that is ruining his life, and his instincts are on high alert when threats against his nurse and her son force him to take action. But Colton's involvement only ramps up the danger when he uncovers a family secret revealing that whoever is after Pecca is closer--and more deadly--than they realized.

With this suspenseful new story, Natalie Walters welcomes you once more to Walton, Georgia, where everyone knows your name--but no one knows your secret.


First of all, I  want to thank all Veterans for their service no matter what branch they may be in. God Bless ya'll! Another wonderful read by Natalie Walters and such a gorgeous cover too! I could easily get lost into the cover.
I finished this book in a single evening  because it was so good that I couldn't put it down.
I really liked visiting the little town of Walton, Georgia. ( We passed by there on our way to Florida last year).
The residents there are friendly and in my opinion easy to make friends with. I like that about a small town. The only thing I don't like is that everyone knows everyone's business before you do. ( That happened to my husband once lol  which is what happens when you're related to half of the community ).
Walters writes in such a way that makes these characters real and believable.  So many twists and turns that will make your head spin until you figure out what's really going on! It's not who you think it is.
I stayed up until 3 am to finish this novel. I really wanted to see what happened to the characters in the story and I was cheering them on the whole time.
I think what I especially liked was the faith filled theme that Walters has sporadically thrown in. She reminds us that We can do all things through Christ and that we are never alone. He is always with us no matter the circumstances we're in at the time.  There are times when our plans never work out. Maybe it's because God has a bigger, better plan for us. We just aren't able to see it at this time. Maybe there's something out there that is meant for us instead of what we want to do.
Pecca and Colton are great characters.
Pecca is a cheerful soul and I like that about her.  No matter what like throws at her she still always looking on the positive side. I think I need some lessons from her.
Colton is a little more on the reserved side. I think he's a little more like me in that way. I'm always cautious until I see how you're going to react toward me or not.  I loved in getting to know him.  He was a delight and swoon worthy handsome! I like men without beards don't you?
Maceo man! I wished I had his energy! I could feel it coming through the pages of the book if that's possible. I liked him from the start and it's possible because I have a teen at home now through this Coronavirus.
He doesn't let his disability stop him from doing what he loves and it takes a special person to show him that.
Now we get to the guy in D wing. I really love those guys. They made me laugh out loud and from then on they were my friends too. I think each guy is really special in his own way and I really enjoyed their personalities. I"m glad to see that they haven't lost their joy for life as they are at the mansion for healing.
I like that Walters has some Military in her family. It shows coming through the pages in this book.
I can't say enough how much I enjoyed this book. So much so that I hated to say goodbye to them.
I think this is the best book in this series but I did love Deadly Deceit.
My thanks to Netgalley for a complimentary copy of this book. I was NOT required to write a positive.  review. All opinions are my own


Natalie Walters
My world revolves around GIJOE and our three adult (or almost adult) children who keep my life anything but predictable.Our boots hit the ground wherever the Army sends us but home is when we’re all together no matter the zipcode. 
My passion is writing stories where adventure 
meets love and share my belief that life rooted in 
purpose is a story worth telling.

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