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Woman of Sunlight by Mary Connealy

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After years of isolation on top of Hope Mountain, Ilsa Nordegren may finally be ready to leave. Raised to fear the world, Ilsa and her sisters never planned on coming down, but when the Warden family arrived in need, they had to help. And it may cost them everything.

Having made his fortune, Mitch Warden returned home and found the family homestead abandoned. In a land grab, a ruthless cattle baron had forced his family to escape up the mountain, and when he follows, the last thing he expects is to fall smitten to a black-haired woman who dresses like Robin Hood.

Warden is intent on helping his family reclaim their land, but doesn't realize the risks his past has brought. Dangerous men have tracked him, and rather than risk innocent lives, he's determined to end the danger. But that means a journey to the city--and when Ilsa insists on joining him, the mismatched pair suddenly find themselves on a venture they'll never forget.


Ya'll this book! This author!! I just love her and her stories! They are amazing!
I think the reason I love them so much is she adds humor and wit to her stories. They are feel good books that just makes you want to laugh right out loud no matter where you're reading the book at. I love it when people give me weird looks. 
I first "met" this author when I picked up The Husband Tree. When I finished I knew I was a fan for life. It too is funny. All of her books are. 
This new series is awesome! I mean when I started this book I knew that I wouldn't put it down until it was finished. 
I must admit that I did snicker at the town's name Bucksnort, Colorado.  Sorry but I thought it was cute. 
Ilsa and Mitch are something else! I laughed at them in the beginning but yet at the same time it was maddening. 
I thought it was wrong to teach these girls to be afraid of the world. Because eventually, they'll need to fend for themselves and meet new people. 
I do love Ilsa. I love that she is a healer. It takes years of learning something like that. I"m not sure I'd have patience but if I had to I could. I couldn't imaging living on top of a mountain like that although we did think about it. I'm sure glad we didn't. 
You will fall in love with Ilsa. She sort of reminds me of Tarzan who swings through the trees where she's the most comfortable in nature. 
The way the author describes Hope Mountain sounds a lot like Kings Mountain here in Kentucky. 
Mitch is another story altogether. But, I liked how he took care of some things that continued to follow him. 
There's this old saying that you can run but eventually it will follow you. Best to take care of it so you can move on. 
I loved every minute of this book and was sad to see it end. I can hardly wait until next year when Ursula's story comes out. And the cover for that book is simply gorgeous! 
I loved the cover for this one too. Makes me wonder what tricks she's up to when she grins at you like that. 
Thank you Mary and Bethany House for an awesome read! 
I highly recommend this book. NO compensations were received I was NOT required to write a positive review but I did because I loved this story so much. There wasn't a thing that I didn't like about this story. It's very entertaining! All opinions are my own. 


Mary ConnealyMary Connealy writes romantic comedy with cowboys always with a strong suspense thread. She is a two time Carol Award winner, and a Rita, Christy and Inspirational Reader's Choice finalist.
She is the bestselling author of 48 books and novellas.
Her most recent three book series are: Cimarron Legacy, Wild at Heart, Trouble in Texas, Kincaid Bride for Bethany House Publishing. She’s also written four other series for Barbour Publishing and many novellas and several stand-alone books for multiple publishers.
Mary will be a published author for ten years in 2017 with nearly a million books in print. She has a degree in broadcast communications with an emphasis in journalism and has worked at her local newspaper.


  1. Sounds like a good one. Thank you for sharing. I enjoy Mary’s books. Blessings

  2. I love reading books by Mary Connealy!! I enjoy how she weaves romance and suspense into her stories. Marys books are a refreshing change from the Amish books that are flooding the market. I do enjoyed the first book in this series Aiming for Love. I'm eagerly waiting to read Woman of Sunlight.


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