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Fifteen days before Christmas, the staff at Sylvia Duvet’s mansion discover she is missing. Her daughter arrives at Detective Carhill’s office in a panic, concerned the gossipers and media will create their own story, embarrassing the family name. After all, a wealthy widow only disappears if…she can’t bear to think of the possibilities. Detective Branson Carhill, a master of French, formal dance, dining, conversation, and all manners expected of one in the elite class, hides his true middle-class identity when on the job. His motto: Your case can be solved without notifying the media. So, Readers, it's up to you to solve the mystery before Detective Carhill does. You have until the end of Christmas. 


I really enjoyed this sweet book!
This is a new to me author and I really enjoyed her works.
This book has a little bit of everything from mystery to 2nd chances at love.
Branson Carhill is an unusual man. He loves his job and is good at what he does. Not too many people can say that. Even I didn't like what I did.
Sylvia is a mystery. I think she has done her roll well. She's also an interesting character. Sometimes I would love to do what she has done but I'm sure that I wouldn't get away with it.
I wish I could've gotten to know Sylvia a little better because I immediately liked her and admired her especially since she done what she did. She's my heroine!
The story was well written and the supporting characters were interesting too.
You see, I once upon a time could draw, paint, and whatever else there was to do. I took art classes. I especially loved to draw horses as they are my favorite animals. I lost that talent since I didn't keep up with it although I'm sure that if I practiced at it I can do it again. I don't know why I didn't keep up with it. Maybe music was my calling.
I love the way this author writes because her writing enabled me to" travel" to Paris. I was able to picture in my mind the people, art, the Effile tower in all of her glory and traffic sounds too.
She's describes these scenes beautifully so that I can "be" there.
There wasn't a thing that I didn't like about this book.
I highly recommend this book. It's short and sweet and to the point. Oh and lots of action filled in the middle.
My thanks to the author for a complimentary copy of this book. NO compensations were received and all opinions are my own.


Mary VeeMary Vee - Rock climbing, white-water rafting, zip lining, and hiking top Mary's list of ways to enjoy a day. These activities require lots of traveling to exciting places. For some crazy reason, Mary’s mystery/suspense fiction characters don’t always appreciate the dangerous and often scary side of her favorite activities. Unbelievable.

Mary also writes virtual travel books that take readers back to places they've visited while also inviting first timers to join in the fun.
She pens retellings of Bible stories on the blog, God Loves Kids, chats with readers on the blog, Let's Talk, and teaches the art of writing on the group blog, The Writer's Alley Blog. She has won and has been a finalist in several writing contests.
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  1. This review is such a blessing. Thank you for sharing my new Christmas book with your readers. Readers, Lori didn't even tell me she planned to do this. What a wonderful surprise! If anyone is interested in getting their copy, Sylvia's Secret is on sale for $0.99 Here is a link:


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