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With three rambunctious, young children, Melanie Lombardi can’t see beyond the day-to-day struggle to maintain her home and her sanity since her husband’s sudden death. A second chance at romance isn’t on her radar.

Brian Perella is done with dating, resigned to being the fun uncle and never the dad. Until he meets Melanie and her brood of lively kids on the sidelines of a Little League game.

But when Brian uncovers a co-worker’s secret, it re-ignites a temptation that Melanie can’t know about. It’s his secret to keep until an unexpected diagnosis brings everything to the surface, jeopardizing his future with Melanie and her children, who, when threatened by an unknown stalker, may need him now more than ever. 


This a new to me author and I just thought that this was a good book all the way around. I will be asking my library to order her other books as well if we don't already have them.

I ended up staying up all night to finish this because I wanted to see what Brian and Melanie would do.
To me, this author has pulled off several great topics all the way around and l really liked how she didn't beat around the bush about it.
Haven't you ever made mistakes and then later live to regret them? I know I have many many times.
Sometimes I'm not sure how to go about undoing them. It's why I'm so glad that there's a man named Jesus who if you ask Him He will forgive you and forget what you've done.
Yes, I know. Easier said than done. But if you don't forgive it can sour you on the inside out and make you a bitter person.
This is a romance theme but not as you would normally read. I love that the characters are flawed and not portrayed as perfect. We All Fall Short of the Glory of God.
I have felt like Brian many times. I love his charm and personality and I felt he could be a good friend. His faith astounds me. I want to be like him in that area. There's no way I would denounce Jesus. Not for anyone! He's my best friend and true confidante!!
Melanie, is a cool person. I was almost like her and had three children but it wasn't to be. I'm not sure I could handle three kids. She too has love, compassion and vulnerability. I think that there's some in every one of us. I love that she isn't perfect.
I've been married so long that I probably wouldn't know how to act if I found myself in Melanie's position. She's one strong lady. I admire her for that.
Life is certainly crazy at times. In fact Jesus said that life would never be easy. In some ways, I'm glad it's not easy. We can most certainly learn from it.
You never know from one day to the next what curve ball that life will throw you.
Just like Brian and Melanie. I loved that they were honest with each other.
My grandma used to say "there's someone out there for you" " You just have to find the right one" "Sometimes it takes awhile and others well you'll just have to see what God has in store for you."
Too often we let our past define us on future dealings and we let it blind us for the future.
I loved how the author has snuck some mystery in on us as well which makes the story much more interesting!
I also loved that the way this author writes can mirror our own lives and send messages through her books that God loves us no matter what.
This is a book that you won't want to miss. These characters will enter your mind and then you start thinking that they are real and believable. Their struggles through life will become your struggles and you find yourself praying for them even though they are fictional characters.
I highly recommend this book. You'll laugh, cry and rejoice with Brian and Melanie as they find their way through well, just life.
My thanks goes to JustReads Tour for this awesome book. NO compensations were received and all opinions are my own. 


Carolyn Astfalk lives in Hershey, Pennsylvania where the scent on the morning breeze carries either chocolate or manure depending on wind direction and atmospheric conditions.

Carolyn AstfalkA Pittsburgh native, Carolyn carries her Yinzer card with pride, having interned at Pittsburgh’s iconic TV and radio stations KDKA and WDVE. She is a graduate of Duquesne University, where she majored in Latin and Broadcast Journalism.

A cradle Catholic, Carolyn was raised mainly at church basement rummage sales and other parish-sponsored events. She worked her way up to "pup girl" at weekly Bingo and even served as a parish organist for several years. Having reached the apex of parish ministry, she moved to the state capital to advance her churchy career.

Carolyn served as communications director and registered lobbyist for the Pennsylvania Catholic Conference for a decade, advocating for religious liberty; prolife, pro-family issues, Catholic education, and healthcare, among others.

Since then, she has been a stay-at-home mom to her four children. Most days she can be found changing diapers, wiping up spills, folding laundry, and tapping furiously on her laptop.

Carolyn is a member of the Catholic Writers Guild, Pennwriters, the Pennsylvania Public Relations Society, and 10 Minute Novelists. 

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