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A Mist O'er the Voyageur by Naomi Musch



After her aunt's death, Métis woman Brigitte Marchal finds herself alone in Montreal. Uninterested in the convent and desperate to flee a loathsome suitor, she disguises herself as a young man to travel west by voyageurs' brigade in search of her long-absent, fur-trader father. But her inexperience and disguise don't hide her for long. 

René Dufour yields to the unwelcome position of shielding Brigitte, but he cannot hide her identity forever. Keeping her safe while meeting his North West Company obligations and honoring his family promises may prove to be more disquieting to his heart than he imagined. 

As Brigitte adjusts to the voyageur life on Lake Superior, she struggles to justify the faith she grew up in with the mysticism around her, but greater still is the conflict her heart must settle over who to trust in this rugged, unfamiliar country. 


I immediately connected with this wonderful story!! 
I enjoyed the adventure so much that I didn't want this story to end. And a grand adventure it was too!! Very well written and you could feel the characters feelings come right out of the book!! 
I felt connected because of Lake Superior. That is one of my favorite lakes!! My family and I would go there to vacation with a motel on the beach. I have a picture of me feeding the sea gulls on the beach flying over Lake Superior. 
In 2005 I wanted to take my family to Sault St. Marie but alas, we didn't go far enough North. Needless to say, I was very disappointed. 
I want to go back so bad and take my family with me. Maybe this time we'll make it far enough North. 
I loved this story too, because I could imagine myself being one of the lucky voyageurs that got to travel where the Indians tread. Imagine traveling a land where no one has but the Indians!! I think it would be nice to meet the Ojibwa. They are people just like us. God created us in His image even the Indians. 
Rene' is a wonderful character even though I'm sure he has his trials and tribulations just like everyone else did. I loved this character above all else because of his kind and caring ways. And oh my!! Such a handsome man!! I also liked Rene' because he had a very strong faith. 
Brigitte was special in her own way. I enjoyed getting to know her as well. She has quite a disposition and a gentleness when she wanted to show it. There were times when I felt like putting my arms around her to comfort her during her sad times. 
How we all want someone to love us for who God made us to be. Even I want that kind of love.
There is only one God. How everyone decided that he wasn't I'll never know. Isn't it ironic? 
A loving God that loves us all and wants us to come to Him even when we are troubled and need to talk to Him. Sometimes even when we are too stubborn and "want" to do it our own way. 
Well, all I have to say is y'all gotta read this story!! It will take you on the adventure of your lives!! 
I strongly recommend this book. She's such a talented writer!! 
I received a copy of this book. No compensations were required and all opinions are my own!! 

Naomi Dawn Musch

Naomi loves stories rich in American history, but occasionally writes in other genres as well. She pens stories from the pristine north woods, where she and her husband live as epically as God allows near their five adult children and passel of grandchildren. She has worked as an editor for a small press, a staff writer for an EPA award-winning newspaper, a ghost writer, and has published dozens of magazine and internet articles for the encouragement of homeschooling families and young writers. Naomi is a member of the American Christian Fiction Writers, Lake Superior Writers, and the Wisconsin Writers' Association. She loves engaging with others and always discovering kernels of a new story. She is available for speaking and book groups. Her newest novel is Mist O'er the Voyageur, and she anticipates re-releasing several of her back-list novels in 2019.
Connect with her through her website: 
FB: Naomi Musch - Author 
Twitter: NMusch

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