Sunday, October 14, 2018

Shadowed by a Spy by Marilyn Turk



Three seats ahead, Lexie Smithfield ponders her future as a nurse at Bellevue Hospital and wife to her fiancĂ© Russell Thompson. A brief encounter with Cal Miller on the train leads to an unlikely friendship, and ultimately to the fearsome discovery that this handsome, kindly man is not who he appears to be. 

When Russell is given an opportunity to work overseas, Lexie reluctantly encourages him to go. But his absence leaves Lexie alone in a strange city where her path becomes increasingly darkened by her unwitting connection to the German saboteurs. As the spies lay plans to destroy American factories and bridges, it becomes clear that only two people can stop them. One is a catatonic patient at Bellevue who must be strapped to his bed and sedated. The other is Lexie herself, a young woman who longs only for the security of marriage while ministering to the war's physically and emotionally wounded. 

Can Lexie's unintended friendship with a Nazi spy thwart a terrorist attack? Or will her hopes and dreams — peace on the American homefront — become another casualty of war


I really enjoyed this book!! 

Marilyn is a talented writer and one I highly recommend. She has a way of adding special surprises to make you keep turning the pages to see what is happening to our favorite characters. 
Although I am going to have to say that I like the Guided Curse much better. 
This book has a story all in itself though. 
I often wondered what times were like in World War 2. (My grandpa fought the Germans in this war so it's kind of special to me.) My the stories he could tell!! (of course they'd change with each telling)
I think I'm still going to continue to admire Russell. Russell for doing his part in the war even though he couldn't do what he wanted to do. His talents are admirable. I went to an awesome piano concert last week and Russell came to mind. How grand to hear him play like this man did. I even imagined him as Russell. I loved his personality as well. I was happy to see that the war hadn't changed it. 
Lexie is still the sweetheart she is. I felt like I wanted to strangle her sometimes though. I admired her for her ability to want to help others. She's truly an amazing person. Sometimes our parents can leave more of an impact on us more that we realize later in life. Verbal abuse is sometimes that the physical abuse. I admired Lexie for being able to work through her problems. Learning to trust God in all things is harder than we can imagine. Through Christ all things are possible. 
I would reread this book again. 
I recieved a copy of this book. No compensations were received. All opinions are my own 


Marilyn Turk, award-winning author of three books, loves to discover interesting historical tidbits and let her characters experience them. A lighthouse enthusiast, she writes a popular lighthouse blog ( ), so expect to find a lighthouse in each of her books. Marilyn is also a contributing author to the Daily Guideposts devotional book. She and her husband live on the Gulf coast of Florida.

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