Thursday, May 23, 2019

Between Us Guys by Joel Fitzpatrick



This easy-to-use, life-changing book for fathers and sons gives readers the tools to have important conversations with boys about life, faith, and being a man. With a conversational and captivating tone, fathers and other caregivers are guided into having gospel-focused conversations with boys about a wide range of topics from social justice and friendships to money, anger, and more.

Dads are given an incredible opportunity to be one of the primary influences in their children’s lives for the gospel. By inviting conversations in every arena of life, fathers pass down the message of Christ to the next generation. As a youth and family pastor and father to a young boy who’s entered into many of these conversations, Joel Fitzpatrick knows it’s important not to shy away from difficult subjects.

But he also knows dads and other caregivers need help in how to have intentional conversations with boys about God, themselves, and what difference knowing the gospel makes to their everyday life. Fitzpatrick invites fathers to share with their sons how the gospel shapes all aspects of life, including how they treat women, people from other ethnic groups, and much more. Specific, practical help is given to dads through suggested activities, God’s Word, and insightful questions.

In a world where television, the internet, social media, and gaming culture have taken away from quality time spent between fathers and sons, Between Us Guys urges readers to lean in to important conversations with the grace and knowledge of Christ


I loved how the author describes the differences between man and then there's a man.
By this, I mean some fathers are not around all the time for some reason or another. Then, there are men that really enjoy being a father and want to be around their children.
When I first opened this book I felt kind of weird because this was a book that talks about how to be a father to their sons or son. 
I learned quite a lot of interesting things about what it takes to be a father and not just make the baby and then leave or just being around for show. ( Not the word I'm looking for but maybe I'll find it later)
The author engages us in some wonderful biblical pamessages throughout the book. 
I think this book would be wonderful to use in Bible studies or Sabbath School/ Sunday school.
It would also be a wonderful gift to give someone.
I strongly recommend this book.
I received this book from the publisher with no compensations received. All opinions are my own!


Joel Fitzpatrick has served as an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in America with a focus on youth and family. He received his MDiv from Westminster Seminary California. Joel lives in southern California with his wife of 16 years and their two children.

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