Friday, May 10, 2019

Killer Exposure by Jessica R. Patch



A killer with a secret motive…A mother with a secret baby.

Crime scene photographer Greer Montgomery didn't expect to witness a murder at a small-town carnival–nor to be rescued by the father of her secret baby. A storm chaser, Locke Gallagher often stares down death, but he's never known true fear until Greer's life is at risk. But how can he protect his newly discovered family when the killer could be anyone?

5 stars or more!! 
This story is full of adventure and action around every bend.
From storm chasing ( which I find very exciting) to everything else going on I felt like I was on the chase myself. I even wanted to look over my shoulder a time or two.
Do you ever feel like something is not right or someone is watching you? I have felt like this a time or two. It's this weird sensation that you have so I felt just like Greer at times.
I loved loved this story because it kept me on the edge of my seat waiting to see if Greer would mind herself but alas not possible!! 
I love Greer but you just can't do it all on your own!! I am like Greer in this way. Too proud to ask for help. 
Sometimes we just need someone to lean on. 
Locke was something else. I want his job! I think it would be exciting!!
But I also would be just a tad bit upset if I found out what he did!! Oh my!!
Oh and did I tell you that this book reminds me of the movie Twister?! Yay!! I was so happy!! I just loved that movie!!
If you love an exciting adventures then this is the story for you.
These characters are just awesome!! I hated to say goodbye to them!! 
I just love what if's! Sometimes it is fun to imagine if things were different than what they turn out to be!! My son and I love to play this game!


Jessica R. PatchJessica R. Patch lives in the mid-south where she pens inspirational contemporary romance and romantic suspense novels. You can find her sneaking off to movies with her husband, watching way too much Netflix with her daughter, dominating her son at board games, and collecting recipes to amazing dishes she'll probably never cook. She is the author of the Seasons of Hope series, the Honeyhaven series, and ten Love Inspired Suspense novels including the Security Specialists series.


  1. Thank you for a good review. I look forward to reading this one!

  2. I have to remember to look for this one at Walmart. I like to buy a book from a store shelf once in a while, just to remember how it feels.


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