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Trip to Cumberland Gap Oct 19, 2019

Our Trip to Cumberland Gap 
October 19, 2019
 Visitors Center

This was our first stop lol since I had to go to the bathroom! I didn't realize how far a drive it was or I would have been better prepared and I would have spent the night. But as it was, I wanted to visit some friends at my old church in Lexington. They didn't disappoint. I received many hugs and happy smiles that we hadn't forgotten them or they us. 
But, anyway back to my story for this past Saturday.
I really really wanted to go the pinnacle overlook to see Cumberland Gap, Tn but it started raining on us so that will have to wait for another day.

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Here's the other half of the sign. My silly family sure didn't want to cooperate very well. I was thinking " Well, why did we come down here then"?  Because it was my idea that's why. 

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Onto the trail we go after we went through the longest tunnel I've ever seen or been through except for the one in Norfolk, VA.  
While we going through it I got the oddest feeling like someone was looking over my shoulder and I can't quite explain it but it was there all the same. Maybe it was going under the big tall mountain, maybe it was know that the pioneers  traveled in this very spot coming into Kentucky for the first time. Only they would've gone over the mountain not under it. But still, it was amazing to really get the feel for it. Makes me wonder what they thought when they saw Kentucky for the first time. Or maybe it was feeling God's presence.  I thought that this was a wonder day to spend the Sabbath. I love being out on the trails even I can barley make it back! I thank the Lord it wasn't hot or I would have made the boys go by themselves! 


I think that this will forever be one of my favorite paintings. You can actually see the hope and wonderment as they came into Kentucky through the Gap. The artist has captured this very well. I wish they had a picture of this for sale. I wonder what it would've been like to be a part of that group? 

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I apologize for not so great a quality but I"m hoping that if you look hard enough you can see the pioneers coming over the Gap. It took me and Michael a minute to find them cause they're so tiny! I think if you click on it it will let you enlarge it. 

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This was what I really wanted to see but we didn't make it. They say there's bats in these caves. I don't like bats. They carry diseases. But then, doesn't everything and everyone? Kentucky is full of caves! I'm surprised that there aren't more sinkholes than there are. Another of God's wonders/creations. 

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Last picture I promise. It's a wonder what nature can do isn't it. I will leave you with this thought. I'd love to hear some of your comments and answers.  


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These were a few of the things that were at the beginning of the Wilderness Trail on the Virginia side.
Oh and felt kind of weird know that we were in three different states. The Tenn side was left and the Virginia side was to the right and Kentucky to the North. The hike was lovely. Michael and Kevin went to the waterfall and the caves that were on the trail. 
Here's an interesting fact as well, the trail that went by the caves was old rt 25 and the trail that they seen the waterfall on was in fact the Wilderness trail. Showed me exactly how out of shape I really was!! Goodness Mercy me!! plus having asthma doesn't help either! Makes me wonder how  the pioneers done it! One lady said they were in better shape than us lol lol!! 

Well, here's some Wilderness Trail pictures to show you enjoy!!

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This is actually the beginning of it. You could go left (which we did) or you could go right.
This trail had some fantastic scenery but no trees have turned yet. I think Kentucky has the worst trees ever and plus we've had a really dry Sept and first part of Oct so I guess that didn't help! 
We still had fun and enjoyed ourselves and it didn't cost nothing except a tank of gas. Made me appreciate God's beauty even more and I promise I could feel Him there walking and talking among  the trees and wind and yes even the birds! 
He's truly amazing!! Earlier in the week I was depressed and aggravated so I really needed this trip 
He reminded me that He's with me all the time. God is good all the time. It's us that need help. We are the ones that are flawed. We ALL fall short of the Glory of God. I"m so glad He lives in me. I don't mind helping to spread the Gospel through my blog. After all, Jesus is the reason I started this blog. 

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This was one of the 3 caves that were along the trail. Michael said that you had to stoop to get under the opening. After looking at this picture, I can see why. I wished he would've went to the other 2 I guess that's something else we need to do. When we left the park I felt that we had unfinished business there.
One, I got tired easily 
Two, it started to pour on us
Three, we were all thirsty and hungry 
Four, it was getting late and I don't like to drive after dark. 
I think next time we'll just stay the weekend there. You can't do it all in one day. Next to impossible

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As you can see, the trees are starting to turn. Kevin took these with his phone. Not sure where on this trail this is. 
I got quite a few pictures but I think next time I will try a video. I just hate to waste space on my phone but I guess pictures do that too. So, between the 3 of us we managed to get some good photos.

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I thought this was pretty neat even though it's not the actual prints the pioneers made but it's fun to imagine it. I took this one on the way back down the trail

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Here are some more figurines heading up the trail in hope for a better life.I loved these because they are lifelike which I"m guessing that is what it is supposed to make you feel. 
I had a blast!! And better yet, I've never been to this part of Kentucky before so this was a true adventure. I'm so thankful it wasn't an oven!

I forgot the tunnel!!! Holy Cow! 
Northbound into Kentucky

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Thank you for stopping my blog and I hope that you will enjoy this post enough that maybe you can plan a trip to Cumberland Gap. It truly is an amazing place!! Please let me hear your thoughts and comments. 

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