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Hamelin Stoop The Eagle, the Cave, and the Footbridge by Robert B. Sloan

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About the book

Afraid of being caught by trackers from another world, a young mother abandons her baby boy in a tomato box inside the screened porch of a children's home. The staff at the orphanage name him Hamelin Stoop, but he grows up longing to learn his real name, find his parents, and thus discover his true identity.

Life is not easy for Hamelin. He belongs to everyone, though in some ways to no one fully. And the people he is closest to leave him one by one. A letter from an older friend advises Hamelin to "keep waiting and keep hoping." Bitter experiences force Hamelin to wait, but he has to learn how to hope.

When the children's home forgets his eighth birthday, he sneaks away at night. He soon discovers that he isn't just running away -- he is being summoned by the Ancient One. Guided by the Great Eagle through a mysterious cave, Hamelin must pass a dangerous test of courage before he can find his parents.

Hamelin's failures, fears, and hopes become part of a larger story, a story of a great struggle between worlds and kingdoms where the old myths of magic, evil contracts, and enslaved children turn out to be real.


Wow!! What a great story!! It held me captivated most of the night and when I looked up it was daylight! I thought wow! Where did the night go lol!
But really I truly enjoyed what was happening in the book. In fact I was in the book itself! I was at the mouth of the cave right along with Ben, Layla and Hamelin and wanting to fall into it! Now that was creepy!
I immediately loved the older couple that moved into rhe children's home except that I couldn't stand the lady's sing songy voice. For some reason it grated on my nerves! I guess cause I could actually hear her doing it!! I will say she did have a heart of gold!
This series in a way reminds me of the Harry Potter series but much better!!
The author has done a great job on this book on bringing the characters to life and taking me along for the ride.
This is a young adult book but I still liked it because it was a refreshing read. I loved it too that it was told in 1st person ( I can connect better when it's told in 1st person) and not present tense. A very delicious and delightful read!
My thanks to the publisher for an early read of this book NO compensations were received and all opinions are my own.


Robert B.  SloanRobert B. Sloan is known for his leadership in higher education, public speaking and non-fiction writings. He has spoken and written about topics both popular and technical. He has been a professor, minister, Little League coach, small business owner, school board trustee and chairman, chairman of the board of an NYSE company, and a university president for over 20 years. After 12 years of work, he has finished his first fiction piece (Hamelin Stoop)--something he had always wanted to do. Robert is a native Texan, but has enjoyed living in New Jersey, England, and Germany. He is married to his college sweetheart, Sue, and they have seven married children and 20 young grandchildren. They enjoy large family gatherings, which include good food and lively conversation, games, and storytelling.

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